Breastfeeding Photo Session Greenville SC

Meet Kyson Taylor.
Sitting Baby Photo Session Greenville SC


This little guy was supposed to have taken a long nap on his mama’s drive to the studio, but instead he screamed all the way.  Poor mama Bree was so frazzled.

Kyson checked me out pretty cautiously at first.  He wanted to make sure that I was safe.  Most babies in the 6-8 month range take a few minutes to scope me out.

Cloth diapered baby Pictures

Bree had commissioned me to create a session that would help her remember their season of cloth diapering and breastfeeding.

Bree never thought she’d cloth diaper. But over the course a few months she started to out of necessity and found that she loved his little fluffy bum.  She didn’t want to forget that cuteness or the work she put into keeping him dry and clean.

6 Month Baby Photos Greenville SC

But what she really wanted to remember was the feeling of Kyson nursing.  Bree is a huge breastfeeding advocate.  Her direct social circle has sometimes had opposition to her beliefs, but Bree persisted and has nursed this chunky and healthy boy from day one.

Breastfeeding Photo Session Greenville SC

I feel like we created such a wistful set of images for her to remember this season through.

Mommy and Baby Photography Greenville SC

After the long car ride and the nursing, sweet Kyson passed out.  These are my favorite images from this session.

Photos of Sleeping Six Month Old Greenville SC

I especially love this image of Kyson sleeping on Bree in my Oval Photoblock.  It’s such a timeless emotional image.
Mommy and Me Photography Simpsonville SC

We also previewed a collage of their session images for Kyson’s room.

Barnwood Collage Greenville Photographer