Greenville SC Studio Breastfeeding Photography

When Lindsey contacted me for a combination six month and Greenville SC Studio Breastfeeding Photography I was so excited! Lindsey wanted to place these images in the nursery and I thought that was the most beautiful symbol of this family’s relationship. Six Month Baby Pictures Greenville SCHowever, you have to imagine the noise level of my squealing when I laid eyes on gorgeous baby Felicity. Okay, you don’t have to imagine. I pretty turned into a puddle of mush.Six Month Baby Pictures Simpsonville SC
Six Month Baby Pictures Greer SCLindsey brought this sweet headband for Felicity and it was amazing with the dress she picked from my studio wardrobe. This hand knitted dress as well as the lace topped off the shoulder gown that Lindsey wore during this session are both client favorites. Six Month Baby Pictures Spartanburg SC Six Month Baby Pictures Travelers Rest SC Greenville SC Baby Photographer I love providing a wardrobe for my clients to borrow from as a way to make your session super simple and easy. All you have to do is pack the diaper bag, do your hair and make up and show up for your session.

Simpsonville SC Baby Photographer These baby and daddy photos make me smile so hard. I love watching daddies play with their little ones. Six month old sure love the attention, too!
Greer SC Baby Photographer Studio Baby Pictures Greenville SC These little feet and big hands are a detail I love to pieces. I always get a few images of details like this. Studio Baby Pictures Simpsonville SC But as desired, Lindsey and Felicity were the heart of this session. These captured moments are some of my most favorite of all time. Greenville SC Studio Breastfeeding Photography Simpsonville SC Studio Breastfeeding Photography Especially the middle one of this set. Isn’t this the true story of the bravery of breastfeeding an older baby… hair pulling and all! This is timeless and authentic Greenville SC Studio Breastfeeding Photography all at the same time! Greer SC Studio Breastfeeding Photography Spartanburg SC Studio Breastfeeding Photography The family images are swooon worthy as well. This family truly LOVES each other and you can feel it in the images in the same way I felt it at the studio. Clean Classic White Light Studio Pictures Anderson SC Clean Classic White Light Studio Pictures Simpsonville SC Are you looking to book your own session with you baby to commemorate your love and relationship? Do you want to include breastfeeding images? I would love to have you in the studio. Please drop me a line by clicking here and tell me about your dream session.