Outdoor Six Month Photography Greer SC

It’s not often that I get the request to do outdoor photography for a session (mainly because most babies get really fussy during sunset hours when the light is so perfect and golden), but I had the opportunity to photograph my nephew Holden outdoors at Huntington Beach State Park last May!  I’m posting now because I’m cold… and don’t we all need a breath of warmth in December?Outdoor Six Month Photography Greer SCI usually wait to do “six month” photography until the baby has mastered sitting.  So Holden is is around 8 months old during these images.

Outdoor Six Month Photography Greer SC
He did not think I was funny.  At all.  Definite Aunt fail on getting him to smile (all the smiles are from his Mommies being crazy in the background… oh and that stick… he LOVED that stick), but he’s still so stinking cute that even his grumpy faces work for him.  And those wrist rolls… swoon.

Lesbian family Photography Greenville SC

And, yes, Holden is totally pulling out Ruth’s hair in the Family Photos.  I want to blow this one up on a huge canvas because it cracked all of us up so much!  Little stinker!

Discrete Nursing Photos

We took a few discrete nursing photos.  Like me (and most women), my sister had quite the journey to master nursing.  We wanted to celebrate their success.

Six Month Baby Photographer Greenville SCSweet Holden, Auntie M just loves you to pieces.  Please don’t grow up too quickly.  And grow in some hair on your temples… you look too much like PaPa in this image.  Scarily so.  Like Twinkies. Stop it.

Love you!