Bryn: Greenville SC Tween Photographer

I wish you could meet Bryn.  Her very presence tears down the stigma of Down Syndrome.  As soon as you meet her, you realize she’s just like you were as an adolescent.

Greenville SC Child Tween Photographer

Brynn and her mama bickered over clothing choices.  They laughed over personal jokes.  And Bryn told her mama to stay put {with all the sass you can imagine} when she came to record herself telling me a little about herself.



One of the things that I hear all of the mother’s saying during the Down Syndrome minis is how much they wish that people would acknowledge their children as people first.  Each child with Down Syndrome is unique and has their own personalities, dreams, wishes, and experiences.  They appreciate all enjoy being spoken directly to in a normal conversational manner.


Listen to how Bryn’s mama describe’s Bryn:


Bryn loves music! She knows the words to all songs on the radio, ipod, etc and the artist. She enjoys hanging out with her friends. Her favorite is shopping, the mall, downtown or the Shoppes at Greenridge. (She has a very busy social calendar) She has her own Instagram account and her own call phone. She likes boys….alot! Her BFF is Erin, she calls her Ernie. They’ve been together since first grade.

Our children are more like their typical peer than different…I wish people could see past the Down syndrome and see her.  I wish people would not believe that all people with Down syndrome are the same. Each have their own strengths just like their peers.