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Mommy and Me Maternity photos Simpsonville SC

When McCall walked in the studio for this session he was bright eyed and curious. Like most 2 year olds, he needed a moment to get to know me.  I let him click the shutter a few times and talk to me while he began to be comfortable in the studio.
Studio Child Photographer Greenville SC

The truth is 1-3 year olds are complete wildcards in the studio.  But I could tell that McCall’s mama April had read and followed a number of tips in my 11 Ways to Prepare and Young Child for a Photography Session.  McCall warmed up quickly and smiled easily while his mama changed into her gown.
Studio Child Photographer Simpsonville SC
While I do offer wardrobe for all my mama’s in the studio, April chose to bring her own clothing.  And April’s gown was the perfect selection.  In fact, I’m still thinking of convincing her to sell it to me.
Studio Maternity Photographer Greer SC
The light and airy colors and length are just the perfect compliment to my cream studio.  The dreamy lighting techniques showed off her new mama glow perfectly!

Mommy and Me Maternity photos Simpsonville SC

McCall clearly adored his mama.  Their bond over giggles and baby sister’s tummy and sweet hugs was just incredible.

Mommy and Child Maternity Pictures Greenville SC

McCall will clearly be the best big brother.

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Bryn: Greenville SC Tween Photographer

I wish you could meet Bryn.  Her very presence tears down the stigma of Down Syndrome.  As soon as you meet her, you realize she’s just like you were as an adolescent.

Greenville SC Child Tween Photographer

Brynn and her mama bickered over clothing choices.  They laughed over personal jokes.  And Bryn told her mama to stay put {with all the sass you can imagine} when she came to record herself telling me a little about herself.



One of the things that I hear all of the mother’s saying during the Down Syndrome minis is how much they wish that people would acknowledge their children as people first.  Each child with Down Syndrome is unique and has their own personalities, dreams, wishes, and experiences.  They appreciate all enjoy being spoken directly to in a normal conversational manner.


Listen to how Bryn’s mama describe’s Bryn:


Bryn loves music! She knows the words to all songs on the radio, ipod, etc and the artist. She enjoys hanging out with her friends. Her favorite is shopping, the mall, downtown or the Shoppes at Greenridge. (She has a very busy social calendar) She has her own Instagram account and her own call phone. She likes boys….alot! Her BFF is Erin, she calls her Ernie. They’ve been together since first grade.

Our children are more like their typical peer than different…I wish people could see past the Down syndrome and see her.  I wish people would not believe that all people with Down syndrome are the same. Each have their own strengths just like their peers.



Delaney: Down Syndrome Awareness Month

We met Delaney last year during the inaugural Down Syndrome Awareness Mini Sessions.  I was so excited to be able to see her grow this year!

prenatal diagnosis of Down Syndrome what are my options

Delaney loves to sing & dance. She quickly memorizes all of her favorite movies, and performs in unison with them.

Delaney also loves to watch Dancing with the Stars, and tries her best to imitate each routine.

what do do when your baby is diagnosed with Down Syndrome.

Whatever she does, she does it with total gusto. You can’t help but feel happy when you watch her.


I love what Delaney’s mama Sarah says about her daughter.


I hope when people see Delaney, they see her beautiful smile and big blue eyes.Beautiful girl with Down Syndrome

I hope they see how happy she is to be a part of this family.

I hope they see how hard she works to communicate her wants and needs, and how patient she is until we understand.

I hope they see how loving and friendly she is to everyone we pass.

But most of all, I hope they can look past any obvious differences to see the amazing spirit that radiates from our girl.



Anna: Down Syndrome Awareness Month

Anna is created in the image of God.

Tween Photographer Greenville SC

At 13, she loves swimming, horseback riding, and dance.


Anna loves to play basketball with her brother, but when asked to kiss him during the session she flew off the handle.  “He’s my brother!  You don’t kiss your brother!”  None of us could stop laughing.


What Anna loves most is music and dance.  I received a full show choir style performance over the course of our mini session and Anna’s really good!


Anna’s mama Teresa has always seen the unique potential in her daughter and she encourages new mothers to do the same.

Don’t focus on the disability; focus on the ability. Your child is capable of anything they desire.

Treat them just like you treat all of your other children. Your child, in the end, will be the one who educates others about Trisomy 21.

My favorite part of Anna’s session was seeing her love on sweet Lydia who is the reason Lydia’s mama and I started this photographic Down syndrome Awareness Project.  Aren’t they sweet?!



Julia: Down Syndrome Awareness Month

down syndrome awareness portraits greenville sc

Meet Julia.

what to expect with a child with down syndrome

Julia loves to read books, play games on her iPad, listen to music, and play outside.
Greenville Down Syndrome and special needs photographer

She laughs the hardest when she is roughhousing with her dad and brothers.

finding support with a down syndrome diagnosis

Julia’s mama wrote a note to parents who have just received the Down Syndrome Diagnosis.

what I wish I had known when I heard the words down syndrome

Dear parent facing the diagnosis of Down syndrome,

What you are feeling right now is perfectly normal, but you will soon realize there is nothing to fear.

Make contact with other families who have a child with Down syndrome. They will give you accurate, trustworthy information.

Your life is about to change for the better. You are going to fall so hard in love!

I wish I could be more like my daughter with Down syndrome…the way she sees her world and responds to it with such determination, love, and sensitivity.



parent with child with down syndrome