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Looking for some Timeless Studio Family Photography Greenville SC for your Christmas Cards? Every winter I offer Seasonal Simply Family Mini Sessions on a couple of Saturdays in November and December. These are a great way for you to get a few images for your Christmas Card in a fun low stress situation. When you book a Simply Family Mini, I send you a series of emails to help you prepare for your session. Of course there is advise on picking out what to wear, but there’s also a key email that I think a lot of photographers forget. It’s an email on preparing your kids for the session. Children need to know my name, what the studio is like, what’s expected of them, and more importantly how you’re going to praise them for that behavior. Timeless Studio Family Photography Greenville SC This family has been coming to the studio since their oldest girl Zoey was released from the NICU six years ago. You can see that session by clicking here. They did an excellent job preparing these small children for this experience. They’re all under five in these images! And it’s really a testament to how well Lydia and Micheal prepared their kiddos. Timeless Studio Family Photography Greer SC So what is a Simply Family Mini like? It’s a 30 minute session that includes 5 images that you choose. From the moment your kiddos arrive to the moment they leave, I am focused completely on your kiddos. Often, I even forget to address the parents except for asking their children to help me tell mom and dad what to do. I try to keep these sessions short and sweet just like your little one’s attention spans. What is my biggest complaint about Simply Family Minis? “How can I pick just five images?” Don’t worry, you can purchase additional images if you want! Interested in booking a Simply Family Mini? Contact me today to let me know you’re interested. Even if it’s not near November, you’ll be put on an email list to be the first to know the dates of Simply Family Mini Sessions.

Little girl in Mommy’s Wedding Dress Pictures in Greenville SC

Is their anything sweet than a Little girl in Mommy’s Wedding Dress Pictures in Greenville SC? This is my third session with sweet AnnaDavis and it was her Father’s Day present for her dad. Isn’t that the best idea to surprise your daddy with? He loved it so much. I’m sure he even got a little teary.Little girl in Mommy's Wedding Dress Pictures in Greenville SCAnnaDavis actually requested a session with me and the wearing of “mommy’s pretty wedding dress” was her idea.  We’d done similar images several years ago.  I was completely flattered that she remembered the experience.  But then again, what girl doesn’t love a good pampering?!

Little girl in Mommy's Wedding Dress Pictures in Simpsonville SC

AnnaDavis loves a good pampering!  So we had so much fun pinning this dress to fit and spreading it out.  I love how she felt like a princess.


Simpsonville SC Child Studio Photography

Of course we didn’t only do wedding dress pictures. AnnaDavis brought her favorite dress for some more traditional portraits.

Greer SC Child Studio Photography

I love the splash of color her perfectly manicured toes supply in this image. I know AnnaDavis enjoyed that pampering to the fullest.

Greenville SC Child Studio PhotographyThis is probably my favorite image from the whole session. There’s nothing more beautiful that little girls twirling in sheer joy.  Add in AnnaDavis’s perfectly pointed toes and it’s just the sweetest.

Travelers Rest Child Photographer Studio Portraits Modeling Headshot

And then there was the dress for AnnaDavis’s personality!  How precious!

But I realized I just lied to you above.  The twirling image may be my favorite image for showing the beautiful innocence of girlhood. However, AnnaDavis conned her mama into being in the picture with her. “It’s kind of boring doing all this by myself. I want someone to be in this with me.” I love convincing mama’s to be in the images.  Their children think they are stunning, strong, brave, and loving.  They want to see in images how much they are loved by their mothers.  So maybe this is my favorite image after all.

Greenville SC Mommy and Me pictures

Looking to book your own session celebrating your daughter?  Wanting to include your wedding dress? I’d love to be considered.  These sessions are short (under 30 minutes) and sweet (twirling!) and result in images that really show your daughters personality.  This isn’t quick school pictures. We laugh and follow your daughters lead.  Click here to tell me about your session vision for your little girl. 

Greenville SC Studio Child Photographer

I have been Isabella’s Greenville SC Studio Child Photographer since she was born. Her mama Brenda had me snort laughing from our very first meeting. Brenda has always wanted to remember every detail from her miracle baby. From her tiny toes to her waterfall ponytail to her silly laugh and beyond. I have been honored to be a part of their journey. Greenville SC studio Photographer Izzy and Brenda have had a rough year. It’s been full of pain and hope all intermingled with joy at being together. I love how these photos represent their solid bond. Greenville SC Studio Child Photographer You get to see them laugh and play and dance and share their joy with the world in such a beautiful way. Brenda gets to see how they adore one another and how much her daughter just glows under her gentle care. They are a pair and together they can face whatever difficulties the world will throw at them. And they do so while bringing their light to the world. Simpsonville SC Studio Child Photographer I can’t tell you how thankful I am to know these strong women. I am so inspired by their story of overcoming and their hope for the future. It’s not often that I get to do a session with older children, but it’s so special to have older children in the studio where we can capture relationship without the distraction of scenery. Greenville SC Photographer who works with Children with Autism Would you like to schedule your own studio session to capture your little one and you just as you are now? Do you need to celebrate their growth and give you both images that will provide you with hope on the tough days? I’d love to hear what you have in mind. I try to make it easy for you with wardrobe provided already as you can see on Izzy and Brenda. Drop me a line and tell me about your dream session by clicking here. I’d love to be your Greenville SC Studio Child Photographer!Simpsonville SC Photographer who works with Children with Autism

Greenville SC Simple Timeless Modern Studio Photographer

I can’t tell you how much fun it is to be the Greenville SC Simple Timeless Modern Studio Photographer for Reagan, Catherine, and their sweet mama Marie.

Simpsonville SC Simple Timeless Modern Studio Portraits

First, you have Reagan who I first met at Catherine’s newborn photography session which you can see here. But there’s a flashback image here below as well.

Classic Newborn with Big Sister Portraits Greenville SC

This girl is an absolute delight!  Reagan is bright, funny, and quirky in all the best six year old ways.  At the beginning of her session, Reagan informed me that she was loving first grade and had become a big girl by not using her fingers for her math.  It made me laugh out loud!

Simpsonville SC Simple Timeless Modern Studio Photographer

Then, as Marie says, there’s the graduate degree baby in between these girls. 😉  But as you can see, it didn’t stop an instant bond for this precious family.  Just look!

Greenville SC Simple Timeless Modern Studio Photographer

Finally, here’s baby Catherine.  She’s an absolute delight with this sweet cheeks.

Greer SC Simple Timeless Modern Studio Photographer

But no one can make her smile like big sister Reagan who may have been standing behind me on almost all of these images.

Greenville SC Simple Timeless Modern Studio Baby Portraits

As you can see, their bond is just priceless already.  I mean just look at how much they adore each other here!

Spartanburg SC Simple Timeless Modern Studio Photographer Mauldin SC Simple Timeless Modern Studio Photographer

We took these images around Christmas and I just adore these sister dresses that Reagan picked out.  The nativity skirt on Catherine’s is just gorgeous.  And Reagan’s is a soft knit that is perfect for an active girl.

Greenville SC Simple Timeless Modern Studio Portraits

Greer SC Simple Timeless Modern Studio Portraits Spartanburg SC Simple Timeless Modern Studio Portraits

Marie catapulted herself to favorite client ever when she selected this image for her collection.  This face is hysterical.  I love when clients want to remember all the faces.  Don’t worry, we picked Catherine right up after I took this quick snap!  I don’t like crying babies ither.

Greenville SC Funny Baby Pictures

We also had some fun at the end of this session creating a Gingerbread image for their Christmas card.  I just love these!

Simpsonville SC Christmas Card Mini Sessions Greenville SC Christmas Card Mini Sessions

Are you interested in a studio session for your sweet little ones? I’d love to hear about your littles and get to know your studio session vision. Contact me here to tell me your story.

Traditional Korean Hanbok Portraits in Greenville SC

Connie booked a studio family session for Christmas cards and asked of with could also do Traditional Korean Hanbok portraits in Greenville SC.  I said yes!

Greenville SC Studio Portraits Mommy and Me

I love this repeat client so much.  My first time photographing her was during the birth of Allie, then we did newborn photos for Allie, and one year photos for Allie.  There’s something about being present in your birth room that makes you an instant friend with your photographer.  It helps that I gave Connie head rubs and held her basin when she got sick 🙂  I adored serving her in that way and love that she treasured the support.

Child Cream Studio Portrait Greer SC

Big sister Abbie has always adored me, but sweet Allie has always been a little unsure of my camera.  This time was no different, so I bribed her with our foster kitten.

Christmas Child Pictures Greenville SC

Mission smile was successful 🙂  There’s nothing a foster kitten can’t fix with a two year old!  Typically our cats or fosters are never in the studio, but with mom’s permission I’ll do anything to make a two year old happy!

Christmas Pictures Greer SC

Greenville SC Photographer

Meanwhile, Abbie was hamming it up for me all the time.

Child Cream Studio Portrait Simpsonville SC

Her favorite part of this visit to Greenville (these little loves have moved to Nashville) was playing in my studio.  Abbie tells me stories and gets me to tickle her.  She also gives the best hugs!!! I just adore her!

Child Studio Photographer Greenville SC

Family Studio Christmas Picture Greer SC


After we took Christmas photos we prepared for our traditional Korean Hanbok portraits.  We had to do a lot of convincing to keep Allie in the jacket portion of the outfit.  But even so, we managed to capture these three beautiful women in the beauty of their heritage and culture.

Traditional Korean Hanbok Portraits in Greenville SCTraditional Korean Hanbok Portraits in Greenville SC Studio

Interested in showcasing your family and your culture?  I’d be honored to have you in the studio to tell your unique story.  Please contact me here.  I’d be honored to serve you.

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