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Studio Greenville SC Newborn Baby Photographer

Almost three years ago I had the sheer joy of being the Studio Greenville SC Newborn Photographer for Henry and Evelyn.

Greenville SC Twin Newborn Photographer

We’re they the sweetest?  You can see their whole session here. Now look at them!

Greenville SC Twin Baby Child Newborn Photographer

Studio Child Photographer Greenville SC

Henry and Evelyn came back to share their new baby sister Elizabeth with me.

Studio Greenville SC Newborn Baby Photographer


Isn’t she the sweetest?

Twin Siblings with Newborn Baby Sister Pictures Greenville SC

But even sweeter still are the ways her brother and sister loved on Elizabeth unique to their own personalities. Evelyn is a gentle soul who just adored kissing and cuddling Elizabeth. Daddy Baby Pictures Simsponville SC Henry is a bit more of a wild child.  He’s for sure going to be the one cracking jokes and sending his sisters into hysterics sometime soon.

Newborn Baby Pictures with Family Greenville SC

And together, this sibling trio is going to keep mama and daddy busy and laughing for many years to come.

Sweet Big Sister and Baby Pictures Simpsonville SC

One of my favorite moments of this session was when Evelyn and daddy shared this moment. Evelyn was just fascinated with her delicate new sister.

Greenville SC Baby Photographer

Gree SC Newborn Photographer


Elizabeth was a wee bit feisty during her session.  She wanted to be held and rocked and wrapped.  I love a challenge like that.  What’s better than baby snuggles?!

Greenville SC Newborn Photographer

After awhile she dozed off and we were able to get the images that mama Anna had been dreaming off.

Newborn Baby Photographer Mauldin SC Mama and Baby Newborn and Baby Pictures Greenville SC

I love this little bed set up so much.  The rustic feel and her little arms by her face do me in every time.

Mauldin SC Newborn Photographer

After this last pose on my posing table, I moved her to this little bowl.

Safe Newborn Pictures Greenville SC

She was beginning to stir a bit after this prop, but I risked moving her to another prop for one last set.  And she let me get exactly one image to finish things off.

Simpsonville SC Newborn Photographer

Are you looking to capture your growing family in images?  I would love to have you in the studio.  Contact me today to find out about booking your own session.

Mini Family Studio Portraits Greenville SC

What started as a Down Syndrome Mini Session for Landon spontaneously morphed into Mini Family Studio Portraits Greenville SC.

Down Syndrome Mini Sessions Greenville SC

This young man Landon and his love for Woody and Buzz Lightyear immediately won me over as soon as he walked in.  Landon was poised, confident, and excited and hiding it behind a slightly reserved demeanor.

Simpsonville SC Down Syndrome Photographer

I immediately roped his younger sister Lydia Grace into images to help Landon feel more comfortable and I’m so glad I did!

Studio Sibling Pictures Greenville SC

These two have a clearly priceless bond.  The giggles, the pillow fights, and the sheer joy enveloped the whole studio.

Children Studio Pictures Fun Greenville SC Child Studio Photographer Greenville SC


And then I glanced up and saw that, by some miracle of grace, mom and dad matched their kids that day.  So I invited the whole family to join them on the bed for an improptu portrait.

Sweet Sibling Pictures Simpsonville SC Studio Photographer

This doesn’t happen often for minis with younger kids because we’re so focused on getting the individual shots and that elusive sibling shot. But Lydia Grace was 7 and Landon was 12 and they were doing everything I asked.

Mini Family Studio Portraits Simpsonville SC

So I captured these giggles and these precious hands and the simple joy this family has for one another. It was sheer gift.

Mini Family Studio Portraits Greenville SC

And it makes me want to offer families with older kids studio mini family sessions here in Greenville SC.

Fun Mini Family Studio Session Greenville SC

So if you have older kids and are interested, drop me a line by clicking right here.  We’ll see what we can set up to meet your needs.

Lifestyle Family Photographer Studio Greenville SC Mini Session

Childhood is fleeting and these memories are so precious.  Hang onto them just a little bit tighter and a little longer.

Studio Timeless Sibling Photo Session Greenville SC

Sweet sisters Elin and Emeri came to the studio for a Studio Timeless Sibling Photo Session Greenville SC! Can these two be any cuter?

I always tell parents that ages 18 month to 3 years old are absolute wild cards in the studio.  There’s a lot that parents can do to prep them for a session, but in actually these ages call the shot and Elin was no different!2018-03-01_0002

She wasn’t a huge fan of looking my way but mommy says she still talks about being in the studio with me!

However, we did coax one smile from Elin.

2018-03-01_0006But even if she had not smiled at all, this sweet series of images pretty much encapsulates the precociousness that is a two year old.  I loved it so much!


Emeri, on the other hand, was so full of smile and joy that I wish I could have bottled it up!  Three months is a super fun age!

I mean can we get a cuter grin?2018-03-01_0007

I had so much fun dressing Elin up in the studio wardrobe for babies that all clients can use.

Interested in scheduling a special photo session to remember your little ones just as they are now?  I’d love to hear from you.  Drop me a note today!

Child Studio Pictures Greenville SC : Avery

Meet Avery!  This little ray of sunshine was two years old for our Timeless Emotional Child Studio Pictures Greenville SC!

Timeless Child Studio Pictures Greenville SC

Avery is an absolute ray of sunshine.  Her smile and antics light up her mama’s world like the Christmas tree in times square.

Child pictures Greenville SC

Krista wanted studio portraits of Avery for Christmas. This was a bit out of her normal and I was delighted to hear that fellow photographer Mary DeCrescenzio recommended me.  Mary is the leader of the Greenville Chapter of Tuesday’s Together which believes that “A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats.”  Thank you, Mary, for lifting my boat with sweet Krista and Avery!

Greenville Child Photographer

Krista did an amazing job preparing Avery for her session.  She read and used my guide for preparing young kids for a studio session with Quiet Graces and it showed the moment Avery walked into the studio!

Simpsonville Child Photographer

Avery was a ham posing and laughing and playing for the camera! Her mama’s prep truly paid off.

Greer Child Photographer Timeless

That’s not to say Avery was perfect; every two year old has a couple of moments in the studio.  We had a teeny meltdown over changing shoes, but Krista calmly walked Avery through the process.  She really is the best mama for this little angel.

Greenville SC Family PHotographer

As usual, my favorite images are always the ones in relationship.  I love this little collection of Krista and Avery together that are perfect for a Christmas Card.

Greenville Christmas Card Pictures

But my very favorite image from this session is this one of Avery and Krista.  The emotion stole my heart immediately.  This is the connection and memories that I so long to create.  I can’t even decide if I like it better in color or black and white!

Timeless Emotional Child Studio Pictures Greenville SC

Krista, thank you for choosing me to capture your beautiful Avery.  I’m so glad to have met you.

Timeless Emotional Child Studio Pictures Simpsonville SC

Interested in booking your own Child Studio Pictures Greenville SC?  I’d love to create timeless and emotional connections in images for your family.  Click here to get to know my studio and find out how to book!

Milestone Mondays

Everyday your baby gets a little older.

First, they roll over.


Then, they sit up.


Then, they get chunky thigh rolls.


Next, they’re one!


Then, there’s curls.



Finally, you blink….


Time is a merciless tyrant.

Slow it down.

Capture them now.  As they are.

Introducing Milestone Mondays

  • 7 weeks and up!
  • one baby-child
  • 20 minute sessions
  • Two sets
  • Two outfits: bring your own or use the studio wardrobe!
  • 5 hand edited digital files that you choose
  • $99 session fee

September 10, 2018