Greenville Studio Child Photographer: On Being Called Mama

It was about 7 years ago this month that we found out we were expecting our first baby.

My husband’s first words upon seeing the pregnancy test:

“You’re having twins.”
Greenville Studio Child Photographer

And he was right.  Meet my sweet baby girls, Aeralind and Bronwyn.

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I wanted girls.  I prayed hard for them to be girls.  I only have a sister.  I adore their little brother Sedryn, but the unknown frightened me during this first pregnancy.

These girls are amazing.  Their bond is fierce.  A couple of weeks ago they declared they would live together when they grew up.  When asked what their husbands might think about that, my Bronwyn said “We’ll just have one.”

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I’m daily overwhelmed by the task of helping them grow to see their story is beautiful.  That their joys and struggles are all sweet amazing grace.  That they are, without a doubt, a miracle with potential to create.

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I want to freeze them now.  Their wild discovering spirits.  The unexpected sassy-ness.  The logical little minds just soaking every moment in and saying such hilarious things.

Sometimes I feel so inadequate for this job of mothering these free spirits.  I fail so many times.  I see my words and actions crush their little hearts.  I say sorry often.Greenville SC Studio Child Photography

It’s funny: these babies really birth us into becoming better, compassionate, less selfish people.  It’s hard work helping little ones grow when you’re still growing up yourself.