Greer SC Child Photography Studio: Light Play

One of the advantages of my Greer SC Child Photography Studio being home-based is the opportunity to just take my own children down stairs to play.

Greer SC Child Photography Studio

Last fall I upgraded my lighting. While I have a pretty good handle on using it for my clients and their little ones, I’m still learning every day.

Greer SC Child Photography Studio Ballet Pictures

I believe it’s the photographers job to keep on growing to produce the best possible photographs.  Since photographer is essentially painting with light, I do a little bit of light play in all of my sessions.

Greer SC Child Photography Studio

I took my little ballerina downstairs all dolled up in her recital dress and played around with lighting angles.

Greer SC Child Photography Studio

I’m beyond pleased with these results: especially on the black background.

Greer SC Child Photography Studio Tiny Ballerina

I think I could shoot children in black and white all day long.  I really just want to pull out my trusty Illford Delta 400 film and just offer child sessions here in the studio.  I do miss film so much.

Interested in having an quiet photography session for your little one?  Please contact me and let me know what you’re dreaming up.

Bronwyn Hope: my sweet ballerina girl,

Please keep that precious spark in your eyes.  The one that whispers how you could conquer the world.  The head held high on your shoulders with a confidence unshakable.

When you were just two, I held your face in my hands and told you not to go down the pool ladder.  I looked up and there you were with that spark in your eye halfway down the ladder.  I crashed into the pool half dressed and ridiculously thankful for my swim team days since you were already under water on the other side of the pool.  You came up with fear in your eyes for the first time and whispered “Mama…I disobeyed.”  It was the first time you grasped the concept of disobedience.

You’re still scared of the water though every part of being at the pool thrills you.  Today I challenged you and left your Puddle Jumper at home.  You faced your fear.  I told your over and over again, that “Being brave doesn’t mean you aren’t scared.  It means that you jump in and do something you know you should even when your’e scared.”

Before we got out of the pool for lunch, you were proudly lying on your back and supporting yourself with your hands on your back.  “Look, Mama, I’m getting my ears wet.”  Swim lessons are coming for you near the end of the summer and I have a feeling you’ll conquer the world.

I love you, baby.