Parker: The Joy of Photographing Threenagers

Meet Parker.

Greenville Child Photograqpher

Parker’s mama refers to her affectionately as a Threenager.

Simpsonville Child Photographer

Parker is sassy and she knows everything.  And if you’re not enlightened enough to know everything, she’s happy to teach you free of charge.

Studio Child Pictures Greenville SC

The funny thing about Parker is that she’s been in the studio before and wanted NOTHING to do with having her picture taken.

Timeless Child Photography Greenville

But on the day of this particular photo shoot, Parker was in charge.

Child Photographer Greenville SC

No, literally, Parker was in charge.  She told me when and where to take each image.  She was the shoot director and the model.

Greenville Child Photograqpher

Parker rocked it, don’t you think?

Greenville Child Photo Studio


I love working with the unpredictability of three year olds!