Zack: Down Syndrome Awareness Month

Meet Zack.

Down Syndrome Awareness Month Portraits

Zack is fifteen years old and a rising 9th grader.

He plays the drums in band class.

Zack loves to eat chicken and play with his two dogs Emma and Porscha.

What I need to know about down syndrome

Zack loves more than anything to make new friends and is always making people laugh.

For Zack, life is an adventure and learning.


If you are expecting a child with Down syndrome, Zack’s mama Mary wrote a little note just for you.

Dear mam who just found out your child has Trisomy 21,

First, congratulations! Your baby is an amazing gift!

Your job most of all is to just love your beautiful baby. Always treat him or her just like you would any other child.

I want you to know that you will now know the meaning of unconditional love.

And as time moves forward, mama, you will be the best advocate that your child. You will become your child’s best friend.

Take a deep breath, mama, and just love your your child. I promise everything will fall in place!



Just found out my child has down syndrome