Casey {Greenville, SC Newborn Photography}

Mom overheard me teasing Casey as I rocked her about being so nosy, and had to laugh!  Mom calls her nosy too!   She just loves to listen to people talk and be wide awake.  I have never ever fought so hard to get a baby to sleep for one of my sessions!

Casey finally clonked out fully for 20 minutes of shooting at the very end of the session.  Unfortunately, I had already taken down my beanbag set up.  However, I got to try a lot of prop shots!  I love the effect of prop shots, but rarely get to play with them so I really enjoyed doing this!

Casey was just a tiny little girl.  11 days new and barely 7 pounds.  She brought back so many memories from when my twins were this tiny!

Casey, as the youngest of 4, I pray that you will bring peace and laughter to your parents.