Classic Minimalist Newborn Baby Photography Greer SC

Is finding Classic Minimalist Newborn Baby Photography Greer SC proving to be difficult? Are you not a fan of the over the top sets and props and just want a session focused on your baby’s natural beauty without all the fuss? This is exactly the experience I strive to give my clients. While I do poses and use props, I try to keep the colors muted and showcase your baby just as they are. I also think it’s really important to respect your baby as a person during the session. Every person has positions that are comfortable and newborns are no different! Read along below to learn more about Ava’s session as an “older” month plus old newborn or click here if you’re interested in setting up your own session. Classic Minimalist Newborn Baby Photography Greer SC Ava was an “older” newborn which many photographers will refuse and recommend a session at six month, but I will never turn away a Classic Minimalist Newborn Baby Photography Greer SC. Older babies have more opinions on which poses are more comfortable and have shorter windows of sleep, but they’re still beautiful and worth taking the time to create memories for you. I loved taking all these little detail photos below while Ava was settling in a deeper sleep. Her little lips are adorable. Tiny baby detail photos Greenville SC Macro Photography of newborns Ava also preferred being wrapped. It was cozy and comforting for her and I loved her skin tone against this sweet mauve color. She really liked the coziness of this bucket and wooden bread bowl.Older Newborn Baby Photos One Month Olds Travelers Rest SC I also really loved Ava’s images in black and white. Her features and dark hair really stand out so beautifully. I provide both color and black and white of every image that my clients choose for me to edit. Black and White Newborn Baby Pictures Greenville SC Flat Rock NC Newborn Baby Photographer Finally, I had Ava’s mama Amanda join her daughter in the images. Most mom’s hesitate to be in images so soon after child birth. Our bodies feel out of sorts and feel unfamiliar. However, I always encourage mamas to jump into a few images because their baby needs to see how much they were loved from the very beginning. Plus our children think our love for them makes us so beautiful. Mama and Newborn Pictures Mauldin SC

Asher and Savanna Mama Madi

Whether you’re looking for a Simpsonville SC Newborn Baby Photographer or you just need your day brightened, this session with Asher, puppies, Savanna, mama Madi and guest star baby Starlie is sure to make you smile.  Asher’s mama Madi is the application manager at Doodles Making a Difference.  She delivered precious Asher just a month after owner Christian had delivered Starlie.  In a small miracle, a litter of puppies were born at the same time! This sweet image shows the heart and soul of Doodles Making a Difference: a puppy raising family business who puts the wellfare of children at the center of their business model. Each doodle puppy sold will feed a child rescued from slavery in India for 9 months through Set Free Alliance. Simpsonville SC Newborn Baby PhotographerThis newborn session was for celebrating Asher. We had already done Starlie’s session which you can see here with her family or here with a litter of golden doodle puppies . Asher was a chuncky baby. I loved his sweet rolls and how he managed to make these puppies look so tiny. The labradoodles are the same age as Asher! Greenville SC Newborn Baby Photographer The puppies were the highlight of the session, but Asher’s portraits alone were just as important. From this little smirk, to his sweet cheeks, to his fun kissy face, we celebrated all the little details in him that reflected the image of God. Simple classic Timeless Asheville NC Newborn Photographer Sweet Baby Pictures Simple and Timeless Mauldin SC I especially loved these two images in black and white. The shadows highlight his precious features from his button nose to his sweet grumpy brow. I never make my clients choose between color or black & white images. They receive both version in their gallery downloads. Black and White Newborn Baby Photography Travelers Rest SC Asher came with a big sister Savanna who was not yet two but was such a joy to photograph and posed so well! Greenville SC Timeless Studio Photographer Sometimes I can’t get this laying down pose with two year olds who are almost three, but Savanna wanted so much to hold Asher. It was a beautiful start to their sibling life. Big Sister and Brother Photographer of Newborns in Greer SCAre you looking to book a Simpsonville SC Newborn Baby Photographer? I’d love to be considered to serve your family. Click here to tell me about your needs. And if you’re looking for a doodle puppy, click here to apply for adoption with Doodles Making a Difference! Mom and Baby Lifestyle Newborn pictures on White in Greenville SC Family baby pictures on a white bed in Simpsonville SC

Rainbow Baby Newborn Photography Session Greenville SC

This special Rainbow Baby Newborn Photography Session Greenville SC with precious Starlie was such a gift to photograph. As you can see below, Starlie made some of the best faces.  From pouting to grumpy brows to smiles she had so many expressions.

Rainbow Baby Newborn Photography Session Greenville SC

However, the most amazing part of Starlie’s newborn photo session was seeing just how much her whole family adored her. In fact, these images with her daddy Josh were snapped as he gently took her from her car seat and just admired her beauty. He also showered her with kisses. My heart swelled so much! Daddy with Newborn baby Pictures in Greenville SC

Starlie’s two older brothers, Job and Jonah, were equally as mesmerized by their baby sister. As a photographer it was so fun to have older siblings when I’m used to 2-4 year old siblings. They loved cuddling her and laughed at my jokes about “acting like we like each other” for photos. Big Brothers with Newborn Baby pictures in Greer SCMommy and rainbow baby pictures in Greenville SC Family hands on Newborn Photos Simpsonville SC

Can’t you just feel the family love here? The joy at their new baby sister and daughter. These are some of my favorite family images I took in the past year. Family Newborn Pictures with Older Siblings Greenville South Carolina

Simpsonville SC Newborn Baby Pictures

Newborn Baby Photography Timeless Cream colors South Carolina

Of course, we also took images of Starlie alone. This precious pink set was my favorite of the session. I let my babies lead posing and it was clear that Starlie preferred the comfort of being wrapped. After all, miracle babies are seldom put down!

But also Starlie’s session included a litter of sweet little puppies! Christian, Starlie’s mama, owns Doodles Making a Difference so when one of her family’s dogs delivered a litter of puppies the same week as Starlie, we knew they had to be included! Click here to see Starlie with her puppies.

Newborn Baby and Puppies Greenville SC: Doodles Making a Difference

Are you looking to book your own Rainbow Baby Newborn Photography Session Greenville SC? I would love to hear your story.  Click here to contact me about your special miracle and your wishes for their photos.

Newborn Baby Photography with Puppies Greenville SC: Doodles Making a Difference

This Newborn Baby Photography with Puppies Greenville SC is the most unique session I’ve ever done!

Newborn Baby Photography with Puppies Greenville SC

One of the best parts about being a Newborn Photographer is getting to collaborate with other business owners. So when my friend Christian who owns Doodles Making a Difference booked a session for her rainbow baby Starlie, I immediately asked if there would a litter of puppies due at the time of Starlie’s birth. The only thing cuter than newborn puppy photos like the ones below from the previous sessions I’d photographed for Christian has to be a newborn baby with newborn puppies!

Starlie enjoyed a full session before we added the puppies to the mix which you can see here. So she was busy taking a brief lunch and snuggle break when I started the puppy portion of her session with the gorgeous golden doodles alone.Doodle Alliance. Adopt a Doodle Puppy in South Carolina
Not only are Christian and Starlie’s puppies raised in loving homes avoiding the horrors of puppy mills, but these pint sized doodles really do make a difference. The sale of each puppy feeds a child in India rescued from slavery for a full six months. This partnership with Set Free Alliance aids in the healing of the children both physically and spiritually through the gospel of Jesus Christ. It’s a beautiful business model. Travelers Rest Newborn Photographer

My favorite image from this session is this sweet pouty face that Starlie gave.

Newborn Baby Photography Greer SC Puppy Photography

Best Newborn Photographer in Greenville SC

However, this smile is a close second!

Doodle Alliance Puppies

Newborn Baby Photographer in Simpsonville SC
Are you looking to book your own newborn photography session with me? Click here to tell me your baby story. Do you suddenly have puppy fever and want to make a difference in the lives of children rescued from slavery? Click here to fill out an adoption application!

Newborn baby gets kisses from a newborn puppy in this image from Quiet Graces Photography and Doodle Alliance

Timeless Emotional Greenville SC Newborn Photographer

I was delighted to be chosen for Oliver’s Timeless Emotional Greenville SC Newborn Photographer. Timeless Emotional Greenville SC Newborn PhotographerThis little guy had a rough start and ended up with a (thankfully) brief NICU stay, but it also meant that many local photographers wouldn’t take Oliver for newborn images as he was just over 14 days. I think that’s silly and I’ll try newborn photos for you at any age. Your session is about capturing your little love’s beauty at any age whether or not they sleep or want to curl up in fancy poses.

Timeless Emotional Newborn Photography Simpsonville SC Clearly, Oliver did manage to fall asleep after a lot of cuddling, nursing and coaxing, but as you’ll see below his awake images are just as emotional and timeless as these perfectly posed images. He may have been having a growth spurt, but in any case, I always let the newborn lead the session.  Oliver (and your baby) are little persons and I want them to feel safe and comfortable at all times.
Awake Older Baby Newborn Photos Greer SC
One of the things I appreciated so much about Oliver’s mom Tiffany and dad Grant is their attitude of gratitude. Like all new parents, they were exhausted. Yet, both of them expressed gratitude for the NICU experience and for the joy of being in the studio for these pictures. Oliver is so loved and that gratitude is a gift his parents will give him. You can see their grateful joy in these photos.
Emotional Casual Timeless Newborn Pictures Greenville SC


Casual newborn photography in a studio Mauldin SC

Dad and newborn baby boy pictures in Greenville SC

Mommy and Newborn Baby pictures in Travelers Rest SCMom and Dad with Newborn Pictures in Greenville SC
Oliver, may you always know how cherished you are from your tiny toes to your fuzzy hair. Tiffany and Grant, may you, even on the toughest of days, hang onto that practice of simple gratitude knowing that it is the best gift that you can give your boy.
Baby Photo Session in Upstate South Carolina
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