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Newborn Pictures Greenville SC : Baby Zane

Greenville SC Newborn Pictures

Meet Zane who came for Newborn Pictures Greenville SC.  This little bundle won the award for best hair in the history of all newborns here at Quiet Graces.  We didn’t style it or anything.  It just stuck up like this! We called it “baby Elvis hair.”  And it’s to die for!Timeless Newborn Pictures Greenville SC

Zane has a remarkable story.  His adoptive mom Randi always wanted to adopt a little one with Down Syndrome.  It had been her dream since just 12 years old.  When the time was right, Randi connected with the National Down Syndrome Adoption Network. Randi’s little girl dream was coming true!
Newborn Baby with Down Syndrome Pictures Greenville SC

After a year of waiting, Randi was matched with Zane’s amazing birth Mom.  Their relationship is beautiful.  Gifts and goodies are mailed to Zane.  Beautiful words are spoken between both of them to encourage and support. Their match was clearly a miracle of grace.Simpsonville SC Special Needs Newborn Photographer

Zane came to see us at 1 month old which is the perfect age for newborns with low trunk tone or hypotonia.  All children with Down syndrome have hypotonia which make them super flexible but also very difficult to keep in a pose. Their little bodies just don’t stay put in the same way as other newborns.  Greenville SC Timeless Simple Newborn Photographer

Zane’s mama Randi and I are very passionate about Down syndrome awareness.  Did you know that between 75-90% of babies diagnosed in utero with Down syndrome in the USA are aborted?   The list of those ready to adopt are around 100 strong, but most expecting mamas don’t know about the beautiful mamas ready to adopt. If you’re an expecting mama, please feel free to contact me here and I can put you in touch with Randi or Amanda to hear their stories.  Down syndrome isn’t scary, but it can seem overwhelming at diagnosis.Newborn Photographer Simpsonville SC Baby Detail Macro Pictures

Do you have or are expecting a special needs newborn?  We’d love to help you plan your custom session with us.  We want to help you show just how beautiful your baby really is.  Contact us today!Simpsonville SC Newborn Baby with Down Syndrome Greenville SC

Silas’s Greer Baby Safe Newborn Session

Silas’s mommy Jaden is the super talented photographer behind Rooted North Portrait Studio outside of Anchorage, Alaska. Her husband Mark and Jaden have been spending all of their school breaks (Mark’s a teacher!) in Greer as Mark’s father’s cancer became more serious.  This meant Jaden would be delivering Silas in Greer instead of at home.

Newborn Baby in daddys hands greer SC

So when Jaden contacted me about Silas’s newborn images, I was super excited. There’s something magical about photographing another photographer’s baby.  There’s a level of collaboration with another photographer that allows you to try new and exciting things like the image above.  We dubbed this the “He’s got the Whole World in His Hands” pose and it was our number one desire for this session.  It’s even prettier in black & white.

Newborn Baby in Daddys hands Greenville SC

Baby safety is important to me so I always want to be transparent about how impossible poses like this one are achieved.  The following editing video shows you how Silas never supported himself in this position.  Jaden’s hands or my hands never left him and Mark was super patient and still throughout the posing process which took several minutes. The final creation of this image was done in Photoshop as you can see below.

Silas also slept beautifully for the rest of his session to allow us to get so many beautiful poses to capture his newness perfectly for his mommy.

Greer SC Newborn Baby Photos in a Little Bed

Family images are my absolute favorite.  I’ve said, time and again, that if I could only photograph one thing it would be newborns in the hands of those who love them.

Family Photos with a Newborn Baby Greenville SC

Mama Baby Newborn Photos Greenville SC

Here’s a peak at our favorite images of Silas at this session!

Concerned with finding a photographer who is both baby safe and meets your style needs?  Click here to download a free ebook on finding the best photographer for you!
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Preemie Twin Newborn Photos Greenville SC

Preemie Twin Newborn Photos Greenville SCWhen Sarah and Stephanie contacted me about Preemie Twin Newborn Photos Greenville SC, I was really excited.  Most photographers shy away at photographing babies who aren’t under 14 days old, but I love the challenge of the “older” newborn.  Generally preemies who are a gestational age of around 38-43 weeks do just fine, but I have done up to about 46 weeks gestation with success. Preemies present some challenges in the studio, but we still manage beautiful images.

Preemie Newborn Photographer Greenville SC



Reeve and Laken are little miracles. They were born at 31 weeks because tiny Laken struggling with reduced cord flow.  She wasn’t getting enough nutrients to grow at an appropriate rate. The doctors and parents made the decision bring them into the world early knowing that it was best for Laken.  At just 2 lbs, 1.9 oz. , tiny Laken was a fighter. She needed the expected support in the NICU but grew well.
Greenville SC Preemie Newborn Photos
Reeve was born weighing 3 lbs, 5.6 oz. Reeve did not experience the same stress in the womb as Laken and therefore had a much rougher start. He spent 5 long days on an Oscillator a type of positive flow ventilator only used with the most frail little ones in the NICU. His road to NICU release was filled with bumps and hurdles that he overcame.
Preemie Twin Newborn Photographer Simpsonville SC
After 50 days in the NICU, Laken and Reeve were released to come home to their mommies. Two weeks later they came to see me. By the time they came to the studio, Laken weighed almost 5 pounds and Reeve was a hefty 7 pounds.
Twin Baby Photo Sleeping in Little Beds Mauldin SC
Sarah and Stephanie arrived at the studio laughing about double blowouts that delayed their arrival.  Their spirits were high and their joy was contagious.  You see, Reeve and Laken were rainbow babies: miracles after losses and heart ache.

Laken was sleepy and laid back for our session. I could not get over her delicate features.  Her tiny hands were just bigger the two of my finger pads and I have small hands!  She loved to be on her tummy and adored the comfort of a hand resting on her back.  You can tell her mommies cuddle her often.
Timeless Twin Baby Photos Greer
Reeve was a bit more of a wild card.  He loved his paci a lot. A whole lot. He did not want me to take it from him.  But once I unwrapped him and put him right up next to Laken, he finally settled into sleep.  The comfort of his sister’s warmth soothed him.
Newborn Twin Photos under Quilt Greenville SC
Sarah and Stephanie, you are amazing mamas.  Reeve and Laken are so lucky to be your children.  Keep laughing often and loving well.

The Kind of Mama You Want to Be

Dear Mama,

I used to know the kind of mom I wanted to be.


  • I used to want to be the kind of mom who always had homemade cookies for after school snack.
  • The kind of mom who never yelled at her kids.
  • The kind of mom whose kids never pitched a fit in public.
  • The kind of mom whose children were smart, polite, and funny and whose behavior defined the kind of mom I was.

Family picture with newborn Simpsonville SC

I think by now you can see that these “Kind of Mom I Want to Be” dreams were all before my twin girls rushed into my life in 2009.

I wanted my children’ts behavior and accomplishments to define me and give me meaning. And that’s not fair to them or fair to me. They are much more than walking trophies reflecting my value. They are valuable just because they exist. And I am much more than the sum of who they are becoming. I, too, have inherent value.

Mama, would you link arms with me and vow to be the kind of of mama who is kind?

  • The kind of mama who kindly makes cookies when she can and says yes when the time is right.
  • The kind of mama who kindly forgives herself for yelling.
  • The kind of mama who kindly has patience with her little people growing into the best versions of themselves.
  • The kind of mama who kindly reminds herself that her children’s behavior doesn’t define her.

The kind of mama who is kind to other mamas and sees them as real vulnerable people who are not defined by their children’s behavior or accomplishments. The kind of mama who invests in other mamas and reminds her mama friends that they have inherent value.


I’m not sure that I will ever quite be the kind of mama that I dreamed I would be. And that’s okay.

But I am becoming a kinder mama who whispers to that mama whose child is pitching a fit in Target: “Hang in there, mama. You’re doing the right thing for your child. I’m proud of you.”

Join me in being kind encouragers of one another?


Caroline: Baby Focused Newborn Photography Greenville SC

Sweet baby Caroline was prayed for, hoped for, and dreamed of for 10 long years.

Baby Focused Newborn Photography Greenville SC

She was every bit worth the wait.

Greenville SC Newborn Photographer

Caroline’s mom requested a session with no headband focused just on the joy of having her here.

Baby Focused Newborn Photography

Black and white newborn photography greenville scCurly Newborn Baby Pictures Greenville SC

I think we may have succeeded.

Details from a Newborn Photography Session Greenville SCNewborn Baby with Mom Greenville SC Newborn Baby with Mom Greenville SC