Dreamy Creamy Newborn Girl Photographer Greer SC

I was so honored to be chosen as sweet Aubree’s Dreamy Creamy Newborn Girl Photographer Greer SC.

Aubree Noelle from Melissa Aldrich on Vimeo.

Aubree was the sweetest tiny little bundle, but her amazing big brother Brayden stole the show at the beginning of our session.

Newborn and Sibling Photography Greenville SC

He just wanted to love and kiss and snuggle his sister.  Truly it was the best beginning sibling relationship I have ever witnessed.  So sweet!

Greenville SC Studio Children's Photographer

Brayden was a charmer too.  I snapped these two above while “testing my camera” before wrapping his sister up.

Newborn and Sibling Photography Simpsonville SC

Brayden’s tiny hands holding and protecting his sister made me swoon.

Newborn and Sibling Photography Greer SC

Most amazing of all, Aubree smiled so much when her brother was holding on her and loving her.  It was the most precious thing.

Greer SC Family Newborn Photographer

Simpsonville SC Family Newborn Photographer

Brayden played a bit in my kids corner while I captured some images with mom and dad.

Newborn and Daddy Photography Greenville SC Newborn and Dad Photography Greer SC

I love how babies look so very small in daddy’s hands.

Mauldin SC Family Newborn Photographer

But look at this sweet baby smiling for all of these images with mama too!

Dreamy Creamy Newborn Girl Photographer Mauldin SC

I have never had an open eye smile for a family picture.  Aubree spoiled us with this unicorn of family images.  I still can’t believe it!

Greenville SC Family Newborn Photographer

And after the excitement of family images, we moved onto solo images.  Aubree was a delight here too starting with this eye contact.

Dreamy Creamy Newborn Girl Photographer Greer SC

Eye contact is rare for newborns who are still learning all the complicated eye movements of tracking and focusing. Many times parents request open eye shots, but babies aren’t always looking at the camera.  More often than not babies either look up or look “through” the camera.

Dreamy Creamy Newborn Girl Photographer Greenville SC

These two images are my favorites from this session.  The sweet smile stole the show again!  But the innocent way that babies sleep with their hands over their heads…. perfection.

Dreamy Creamy Newborn Girl Photographer Simpsonville SC

Finally we finished with this simple nest set.


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