Gabriel Mason {Greenville, SC Newborn Portrait Photographer}

Gabriel Mason was wide awake for this entire session. His little eyes just sparkled with concentration as he watched me work!  I love how calm and relaxed he was even when I was moving him around.

Gabriel spent a few nights in the NICU after his birth due to a suspected infection. I was so impressed with Annie and Tom’s tenacious spirits as they reflected on their experiences.

Gabriel’s nursery was created with such care and skill.  Annie had painted a beautiful tree mural on the wall since Tom works in tree services.

The night before I arrived, Tom had sweetly allowed Annie the privilege of sleeping in until 8.  Annie couldn’t thank him enough for the gift of waking refreshed.

Tom and Annie, I hope that you enjoy these fleeting days with a newborn.  I was truly blessed to capture Gabriel and spend time hearing your stories.