Greenville Baby Pictures: Jude

Greenville Baby PicturesIf I could tell you all the sorrow and the joy in sweet baby Jude’s story, I would have to write a novel. This baby boy was desperately hoped for and celebrated with a joy you could slice up like the finest wedding cake.  Jude is a miracle hoped for and loved beyond measureNewborn baby with big sister pictures

Mrs. Reagan is the sweetest big sister. At 5 years old, she will always remember the day Jude came home.  She’s also an amazing helper for her sweet mama. I can’t wait to see how Jude and Reagan’s relationship will grow over the years.

Family with Newborn Pictures Greenville SC

Since Jude was born right before Christmas mama brought this sweet sleigh and Christmas pajamas for Reagan.  I added in this sweet sweater romper for Jude and some trimming from a local tree farm. I’m super happy with how this Christmas set up turned out for them.

Christmas Newborn Photos Greenville SCNewborn Baby on a Sled Greenville SC

I couldn’t resist toning down the Christmas theme to a little more rustic woodland scene with this antique bread bowl and more use of the greenery.

Rustic Woodland Newborn Photos Greenville SCRustic Woodland Baby Photos Greenville SC

And this grumpy face followed by the tinest of smirks… oh, newborn expressions are my favorite!

Newborn smiling pictures Greenville SC

Yet, as always, it’s the simple images that draw me into each baby’s story.  The cream and whites, the skin tones, the curly little babies: these will always be my very favorite. Nothing brings back the rush of newborn memories than seeing the sleepy newborn smiles on simple backdrops.  The portraits are true classics.

Simple Newborn Baby Photos Simpsonville SC

And as always, I sneak in just a few detail images.  Jude’s curly ears.  His crinkly eyelashes. His tiny profile.  Those tiny toes.  These tiny details are what make Jude who he is.  These tiny details bring back the rush of newborn memories.

Newborn Baby Details Feet Eyes Ears Greenville SC

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