Greenville SC Newborn Baby Photos with Big Brother

When Liz contacted me about Greenville SC Newborn Baby Photos with Big Brother, I was so excited  She really wanted some beautiful family photos, but her exact words were: “Even if we’re all making silly faces it will do, because that’s really who we are.” I was instantly smitten with this family.

Clearly we were able to create beautiful candid images with a few silly faces to capture this family in their full glory.

Simpsonville SC Newborn Baby Family PhotosGreenville SC Newborn Baby Daddy and Older Brother

However, after Tripp warmed up to me with some “Where’s daddy’s nose?” games, we did get beautiful family photos with Tripp too.

Studio Photographer Greenville SC Family Photos

Greenville SC Newborn Baby Family Pictures

Liz also took charge of her session and prepped Tripp for the experience with my Preparing Toddlers for Photos Post.  So when Tripp had warmed up and I had the positive reinforcement treat in my hand (fruit snacks!), this small miracle of brotherly love occurred.

Greenville SC Newborn Baby Photos with Big Brother or Sister

I love photos like this because they help parents remember, during the day in and day out of teaching a toddler not to hit newborn brother, that this season of motherhood is a gift.  And that soon enough these boys will be very best friends.

Greenville SC Newborn Baby Photos with Big Brother

When we were finished posing Tripp, he played happily over in my big sibling corner with the Little People Zoo.  So I moved on to posing with daddy, Carey.  I just love how when you place baby in Daddy’s hands you can tell how small they really are.

Simpsonville SC Daddy and Baby Newborn Photos

But Shepard also made daddy a little gift that Liz and I can not stop laughing over.  Accidents do happen in the studio 😉


He didn’t make any gifts for Liz though, who looks absolutely stunning holding Shepard.  Motherhood (and fatherhood) is such a hard thing: sleepless nights, learning to be more patient and selfless, and constantly giving of yourself to another human.  This wonder of motherhood, makes a woman even more beautiful.

Timeless Greer SC Newborn Baby Photographer Simple Greenville Newborn Photography Simple Newborn Baby Pictures Simpsonville SC Daddy and Mommy Newborn Baby Pictures Simpsonville SC

Finally, we captured some images of sweet Shepard alone.

Timeless Simple Newborn Baby Pictures Simpsonville SC Newborn Photographer Newborn Baby Pictures Greer SC Lifestyle Newborn Baby Photography Greenville SC Greenville SC Newborn Baby Photographer

This smile though!

Greenville SC Smiling Newborn Baby Pictures

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