Greer SC Newborn Photography with Big Brother

I was so excited to see Larisa, Angelo, and Luca for their Greer SC Newborn Photography with Big Brother.  You see, just two years prior I had photographed Luca as a newborn.  Wasn’t he just the sweetest little baby?


But now Luca is a newly minted two year old.  In fact, he turned two three days AFTER his brand new brother Leo was born.  Look how much he’s grown!

Greenville SC Child Studio Photography

But. like all two year olds, Luca was a little unsure of how to act in my studio.  So to warm him up, I threw posing pillow back and forth while baby brother Leo had a feed.  By the time the feed was over, Luca was ready to smile for the crazy click noise my camera was going to make.

Greer SC Newborn Photography with Big Brother. Family with newborn and two year old boy.

Ya’ll this is literally the second image I took this session!  So far so good!

Greenville SC Newborn Photography with Big Brother

Then we posed Luca with Leo.  This pose is safest for your newborn (daddy is right out of the frame ready to rescue Leo if Luca moves), but not many two year olds like to be laid down. But Luca asked mama to lay down with him. As you can see in the straight out of the camera shot side by side with the edit, having mama lay down did the trick!

Simpsonville SC Newborn Photography with Big Brother

I love this sibling image in my square wood print.  Isn’t it perfect?

Greenville SC Parents with Newborn Photography

Two Year old Studio Photography Outtake

Luca “Helping” me take his parent’s photos above

Luca wasn’t interested in being held during the standing posing, but that was okay, because he stood on my ladder legs and “helped.”

Simpsonville SC Newborn Boy Photos with daddy

And finally Angelo took Luca out of the studio so we could finish posing Leo.   Leo, for his part, was happy to be wrapped tightly all warm and snugly.

Greenville SC Newborn Boy Photos Baby in a little box bed

Mauldin SC Newborn Boy Photos with a little bear hat

But the moment we unwrapped him, he just wanted to be curious and hang out with us.  Leo is cute either way.

Awake Newborn Photography Greer SC

Are you looking to book a session for Greer SC Newborn Photography with Big Brother or Sister?  Worried about how your two year old might behave?  I try my best to make this a fun experience for everyone, but especially your two year old.  The key is to make them think the session is all about them and to whisk them away as soon as they’re finished.  Contact me to today to plan your session.