Greer SC Sleeping Baby Boy Pictures: Bear

Greenville SC Tiny Newborn Photography Boy in Bear Hat

Bear. So tiny and fierce. This little guy only weighed a little over five pounds. Yet as we took these Greer SC sleeping baby boy pictures, I could feel just how much weight a little person carries.

Greenville SC Tiny Newborn Photography Boy in Bear Hat

This little guy, so frail right now, has already begun changing the world.  His mama and his daddy didn’t exist before he came into this world.  They were just a couple in love.  Yet this little one changed them gave them titles that change them.
Family with Newborn Simpsonville SC

Being a mama and daddy is holy work.  The hardest work.  The work of shaping a beautiful creation into someone who can follow his dreams, his calling is work that change a person.
Newborn Boy in Daddy's Hand Picture South Carolina

This tiny boy who fits in his daddy’s hands is teaching his daddy and mama the meaning of self-sacrifice. Of love that knows no boundaries and that always pursues.

Newborn Baby boy with Family Pictures in Greer SC

Bear will teach them patience.  He will teach them joy.  He will teach them to slow and savor.  He will teach them to run with endurance.  He will teach them to preserver and to dream big dreams. Greenville SC Mama with Baby Boy Photos
Sleeping Baby Boy Pictures Greenville SC

Bear, tiniest of baby boys that I photographed in 2014: you will do big things.  Some will seem so very mundane, but every thing you do matters.  You will change the world starting in your very own corner of it.Sleeping Baby Boy Pictures Greenville SC

You will smile and light up someone’s day.
Smiling baby boy newborn Pictures Greenville SC

Your tiny feet will carry you to help someone in need.Greenville SC Newborn Photographer

You may seem little now, but you are destined for greatness.  I’m grateful to have met you.Natural Post of Newborn Baby Boy Greenville SC Newborn Pictures