Newborn Baby Boy Photos with Baby Kitten

Meet my nephew Holden.

Newborn Boy with Baby Kitten Greenville SC

Let me begin by saying I would never do this with a client’s baby. This is my sister Monica and her partner Ruth’s baby.  These ladies passionately rescue animals.  I’ve lost count of how many animals are in their house 😉

This little cat is mine and his name is “Princess Wand Mermaid Ariel Unicorn Pegasus”; I call him Hunter. :-p

Sweet Baby Boy with His Kitten Greenville SC Baby Photographer

Ruth and Monica sneaked the cat into the studio to cuddle with them while I cuddled with Holden.  Hunter kept escaping and burying himself in the brown rug next to Holden and I.

Newborn Baby Pictures SImpsonville SC

Holden was all posed and ready to go with one of his mommies was right next to Holden.  I wrapped my fingers in between Holden and the kitten’s paws while I waited for the kitten to fall asleep in the position I was holding him in. Honestly, the posing of the kitten was very similar to posing newborns.  It helps that the kitten was only a few weeks older than Holden (5-6 weeks).

Newborn Baby Toes Greenville SC Newborn Detail pictures eyelashes Greer SC
All that to say: this is likely a one time image and we were all aware of the safety risks and not something I would do typically.

Lesbian Couple with Newborn Baby Pictures Greenville SC

My favorite part of the kitten images? The monochromatic color scheme.  I love newborns on monochromatic color schemes. It’s so dreamy and leaves the focus on your precious baby.

Natural Posing Newborn Pictures Greenville SC

Oh, and in addition to the kitten, we totally nailed the cousin shot as for the grandparent’s Christmas gift.  There may have been marshmallow bribery involved.

Newborn Baby with Siblings in Greenville SC


However, the marshmallow bribery was totally worth it! Here are my mom and dad opening a 20×30 canvas of all four of their grand babies at Christmas.

My mama cried in joy for a good 10 minutes after this video was taken.  This reaction and resulting joy is one of the reasons I highly encourage my clients to purchase products rather than just digital files.  Digital files can corrupt or grow out of date (think 3.5″ floppies), but a new file can always be made from the archival print or album that you enjoy in your daily life.

Baby boy on Brown in Taylors SC

Would you like to create fine art portraits of your little one?  Contact me today and we’ll talk about your vision.