Newborn Baby with Sibling Greer SC

Meet Tanner.
Child Photographer Greenville SC

I have never met a three year old more in love with his baby sister Piper than Tanner.  When he arrived he helped me cut and arrange flowers in this nest for her while she had a little feeding.

Baby girl sleeping in a Nest Greer SC

He wanted to hold and snuggle her so much.  My heart pretty much burst.

Newborn Baby with Sibling Greer SCNewborn Baby with Brother Greer SC

But then Tanner sent me over the edge when he would come up to my posing table and just randomly plaster her with kisses.  And at that point I wanted to make my little guy a big brother just to enjoy the sweetness.

Newborn Baby with Brother Pictures Greer SC

But I digress…

A lot of parent’s ask me: “But what if my baby doesn’t sleep?”

Sleeping Newborn Baby Pictures Greer SC

I do have a prep packet that helps you prepare your little one for the deepest sleep possible, but even that sometimes fails.  Sometimes little ones just want to be awake.

Piper Mae and I had a good long stare down.  We did family images awake hoping that she would fall asleep.Family Pictures with Newborn Baby Greenville SC

But she didn’t.

So I put her in the nest awake.

Awake Newborn Baby Pictures Greenville SC

Nope, still awake.

So I wrapped her up like a burrito and tucked her in a bowl.

Awake Baby Girl Pictures Greenville SCStill awake.

So I lifted her all burrito-ed up into my little bed and covered her with fluff.

Newborn Baby Sleeping in a Little Bed Photographer Greenville SC

Victory at last!

Newborn Baby Sleeping in a Little Bed Photographer Greer SC

After this we were able to do a good sleepy series on the posing table.

Posed newborn baby photographer Greenville SC

So what do I do if your baby isn’t asleep?  I capture the little curious faces while I’m waiting.  I have mama top sweet baby off with milk.  I wrap like a burrito and rock.  And most of the time, we get the sweet sleeping images that my clients love so much.

Newborn Baby Girl Pictures in a Studio Greer SC