Mariam’s Session {Greenville, SC Relationship Focused Newborn Photography}

Sometimes I feel so unable and unworthy to tell His story. I find it more natural (but still scary) to share how my raw story intertwines with His because I am constantly processing His work with a pen.

Yet telling client stories is so much harder. I fear that I will tell the story wrong or that I will share too much or too little. I worry, perhaps very foolishly, that my words will not bring Him glory.

However, Jesus is sovereign over even my pen. And my clients read these humble words of mine before I ever press publish… so why should I fear?

Mariam’s Story

I’m four stories behind. So let me start with Mariam.

Greenville SC Relationship Newborn Photography

Mariam, too, processes her world by placing ink on paper. With the onset of each season of morning sickness, Mariam selects a jouranl and scratches down words to encourage the new life within.

Her two beautiful girls, Isabella and Alista, have journals brimming with memories, laughter, and recorded words of prayer.  Newborn Lazaro’s journal is already filled with nearly a year of the same writing gifts though he is only 2 months old at the time of this writing.  But there is a fourth journal whose writing now is sparse: that dear child has departed to sit at the feet of Jesus.

The five in this family have  walked a healing journey through Lazaro’s pregnancy and birth.  A healing both painful and profoundly filled with the peaceful presence of Christ.

Relationship Focused Newborn Photography

When Mariam and I were planning this session, she specifically asked for relationship focused newborn photography. She wanted us to capture the journey of healing as a family and how precious their relationships have become through this season of intermingled grief and joy.  My heart sang at this request because telling stories like these are why I clumsily pick up both a pen and a camera.

Mariam’s session has so many beautiful images that I have had a very difficult time narrowing down what I want to show you.

Lazaro’s many smiles, the shy smiles and then laughter of Isabella and Alista as I sang Pete the Cat, the way Haro has the power to have a whole room fall over in laughing tears, Mariam’s joy in knowing that His will is always the best…

I hope you’ll see glimpses of all these things in the following images.

Relationship Focused Newborn Photography Greenville, SC Relationship Focused Newborn Photography Greenville, SC