Ryan Elizabeth {Greenville, SC Newborn Photography}


Ryan Elizabeth was my oldest newborn yet at 2+ weeks!  However, she was super sleepy and allowed me to finally nail some of the more difficult poses. Her sweet mom Carrie worked extra hard to make sure she was tired and it paid off!


I can’t believe how relaxed Carrie and Micheal are as new parents. They took my arrival as an opportunity to rest and snuggle while I took photos of Ryan. They would check on me if they heard Ryan fussing, but otherwise they allowed me to do my job in peace and quiet. I really appreciated the freedom to just photograph and pose to my heart’s content.


Carrie and Micheal had the most beautifully decorated bedroom complete with a white bed. I couldn’t resist the opportunity to catch a few photographs in such a beautiful backdrop.

23BW copy


Micheal came to hold Ryan at one point while I was changing backdrops. I’ve never seen a father so natural and so dearly in love with his little girl. He kissed and cuddled and just enjoyed little Ryan to the fullest. I think the following image just completely captures his wonder with his new daughter.


One of Carrie’s requests for this session was a storyboard capturing all the little details of sweet Ryan’s form. I’m really pleased with the result since I love taking and displaying detail images. Thank you, Carrie, for making this request; I’m sure it will continue to spark my creativity in future sessions.

Ryan Storyboard

Micheal and Carrie, I pray that you would continue to cherish these early days with Ryan. I love how relaxed and centered your parenting is and I hope to see you again as Ryan grows.