Skye Elianna {Greenville, SC Newborn Photographer}

I’ll be honest, I was a little anxious going into this session.  Skye has a big brother Ashton who turned 2 in February.  I really felt like the classic sibling shot was going to be a miracle, especially since I don’t think I have a single beautiful image of  my own Sedryn with his sisters from the newborn stage.  But we got our miracle!  (Thanks to a promise that daddy would find Ashton a ‘special treat’!)

Skye Eliana was just beautiful.  She had the perfect newborn skin just felt so tiny compared to my 7 month old almost 20lb hulk!

However, Skye did not want to sleep! We rocked and patted and bounced and fed her for nearly 3 hours! Finally, she drifted into a deep sleep for about 20 minutes of blissful photographing.  Just goes to show that the newborn always calls the shots during a session!

Heather, Mike, and Ashton, enjoy these early days with beautiful Skye.  They drift by so quickly!