Wide Awake Newborn Pictures Greenville SC

Wide Awake Newborn Pictures Greenville SCIt’s no secret that I love sweet sleepy posed newborn imagery.  But just like big people, each tiny person who visits the studio has their own personality.  Adley’s sweet personality meant that she would only settle for wide awake newborn pictures.

Awake Newborn Baby Photographer Simpsonville SC

Either way, it’s okay.  Asleep or awake, all babies are still treasures and I know that all a mama wants was to remember the miracle of their tiny baby.  So we captured all of the bright and curious faces that Adley shared with us during her Petite Session.Awake Baby Pictures Greer SC

My favorite thing about Adley were her long little toes!  Just look at them.  I never grow tired of seeing all of the millions of ways each sweet baby is created to be uniquely themselves.  The most beautiful thing about my job is getting to see all of that uniqueness and hearing each story.

Awake newborn baby pictures upstate SC

Most of the time babies won’t begin making eye contact with the camera until about 2-3 months old.  Adley’s curious personality allowed her to look right at me for so many images.  I love how so many in this series are so close to smiles!

Newborn Baby Yawn Pictures Greenville SC

Eventually Adley did get a little sleepy and so I wrapped her up like a little burrito and was able to get a sweet series of sleepy images.

Newborn Baby Photographer Greer SC

And she smiled for us asleep too!

Smiling newborn baby Pictures Greenville SC

Interested in a newborn session for your sweet little one?  Please contact me today and we’ll start planning your custom timeless session to celebrate your sweet little one.