Greenville SC Modern Baby Boutique: La-Di-Da Baby

Each Friday I interview a local business owner who caters to new moms and their little ones.  My goal is to expose you to some great people you would otherwise not know about.  I want you to meet and grow to love these brave local men and women who enjoy serving you.


Greenville SC Modern Baby Boutique: La-Di-Da Baby

Greenville SC Modern Baby Boutique La-Di-Da Baby is a mother-daughter sewing team that specialize in modern designs for little ones. Debbie is a homemaker, mother of 3 adult children, and grandmother to 2 granddaughters ( one of whom you can meet here!). She has had a lifelong passion for creating with a sewing machine. Missy is a homemaker, ER nurse, and new mom. Visit the Shop: Give them a Like on Facebook:

Interview with La-Di-Da Baby

Greenville SC Modern Baby Boutique

Tell me a little about your family.

Debbie has been married to her best friend for 32 years. She now has an empty nest, but looks forward to time spent with her granddaughters. Missy has been married for 8 years. She has developed an interest in sewing since the birth of her daughter.

What advice do you wish someone had given you as a new mom? What advice would you give to a new mom?

Limit unnecessary activities that overtax family time and tend to separate everyone in different directions. Be faithful in the God given responsibility of raising your child–don’t trust that to someone else. And, most importantly, faithfully follow God’s direction in His word concerning child rearing and trust Him with the results. He IS faithful.

What have been your favorite moments of motherhood?

Saturday night homemade pizza dinners, swimming together in the swimming pool, playing flashlight tag with the neighborhood children, the special smiles, hugs, sloppy kisses from toddlers. Things money can’t buy.

What has been your most challenging moments of motherhood?

HOMESCHOOL. For ten years. Hardest job I ever had, but worth every second, by God’s grace. Fatique, sleepless nights, worry over the future of each child.

What inspired you to start your business?

Upstate SC XL Swaddle Blanket Modern Baby Boutique With the impending birth of our first granddaughter, we discovered that most of the baby items were “run of the mill” and expensive for mediocre quality. With a sewing background, we thought–“we can make this” and make it boutique grade!

What products do your provide for new moms?

Burp Cloths

  • Ultra soft sheet savers with a unique design features
  • Burp cloths made from premium cotton, warm and natural batting & cotton chenille.
  • Burp cloths using flannel front &cotton terry cloth back
  • Unique and colorful bibs
  • Pack n play sheets
  • Rag quilts
  • Swaddle blankets in XL sizes

What is one product that you provide that you’d rather not live without?

Crib Saver 1 Sheet savers are a huge time saver for a sleep deprived new mom. They protect the crib sheet from the inevitable mishaps that happen at all hours. We have a unique design for our sheet savers and they are a much higher quality than what is available in the box stores. Our sheet savers have detachable ribbon ties than can be unsnapped from the ties, avoiding having to retie the sheet saver every time it needs washed. Greenville SC Modern Baby Boutique Sheet Saver

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