Sarah {Greenville, SC Portrait Photography}

It’s been a very long few months here in the Quiet Graces household and I’ve seriously been neglecting this little corner of the internet!

In May, I had a sweet session with a local harpist named Sarah Northrop.  Sarah performs at weddings and other events and needed some images for the website she’s building. If you’re in need of some beautiful music for your event, please visit:

Here are some of my favorite images from this session:


I love how well Sarah and her harp lent themselves to being displayed in Sepia tones.  I love Sepia so much from my years in the darkroom, but rarely find a place where it looks so appropriate.


Sarah was so relaxed and natural in the session.  You’d never know that it was around 80 degrees and we were hauling her harp from location to location on foot.


I learned a little about harp strings: some are nylon, some are metal based, and some are natural gut.  I loved their colors and variation.


This playful shot illustrates a wonderful part of Sarah’s sweet personality.  This young lady loves to laugh!


This is probably my favorite image from the session.  I love how her eyes just shine.


Sarah, I pray that your business venture will be blessed and you will be able to bless others through your beautiful music.