Seeking Rest: Ways to Avoid Mama Burnout

There’s a season for everything in motherhood.

Seeking Rest: Avoiding Mama Burnout Mama and Me Baby Pictures Greenville SC

A season for joy in every giggle.
A season for potty training tears.
A season for hiding in the pantry with a Snickers Bar.
A season for cheering loudly in the stands.
A season for saying goodbye to training wheels.
And a season where mama is falling to bits under the weight of stress and needs to seek rest.

If you’re like me, most days you’re simultaneously pretty confident that you are the best mom ever and that you should be squirreling away money for the counseling your child will surely need in the future.

But when the balance starts to precariously tip in the direction of you’re sure you’re winning “the worst mom of the year….” I’m pretty sure it’s time to seek rest.

The last couple of weeks I’ve been ignoring my body and mind’s mental cues for rest. But after spending three days away from most of my mommy responsibilities at rehearsals (rest in an unlikely season of busy), I realized just how important seeking rest is for mamas.

If mama’s cup is empty (and I’m not just talking coffee), then it’s impossible for her to fill the cups of her children and spouse.

So if you’re struggling to seek rest in your mama days, here are some of the things that help me avoid mama burnout.

3 Ways to Avoid Mama Burnout

  1. Take Time During the Day for What Recharges You.
    I almost wrote “Take time for you to be alone each day.”  And then I realized not every mama is an introvert like me!

    Maybe you need to take the time to let the kids make a mess out of the living room while you call your mom or sister or best friend and share a bit about your day.  Maybe you need to lock yourself in the bathroom like I do and just read a little bit of your book or doodle in your journal. This happens best for me during either nap/rest time or scheduled “go outside and play!” time for the kids.

  2. Do Something Monthly Just for You.
    A hobby like painting. A jewelry making class. A rock climbing workshop. A moms night out to coffee once a month.  Volunteering with your favorite organization.

    A weekly walking date with a friend where you circle the playground at Runway Park (gated for the little ones) or to Cleveland Park (not gated but you can use the Swamp Rabbit trail to get there and then play afterward).  Read a book that you’ve been eyeing.  Join a MOPS group.  Or do something crazy like I did and audition for a musical (or something equally as daring that you’ve always secretly wanted to do)!

    I hear so many women say things like, “I lost myself when I had kids.”  And I really want to encourage you to find yourself again.  Do something just for you!

  3.  Let Others Care for your Kiddos.

    This can be your husband (yes, I’m looking at you mama who doesn’t think your husband can handle your brood alone.  Let him! He’ll manage), your mom, your mother in law, your best friend, a mother’s helper, or even a babysitter.  I know it’s tough to let our babies be cared for by someone else.  And I know how hard it is to ask for help when we need a day off.  I promise it’s good for both you and your helper.