Are you okay?


(common noises at my house)

Aeralind: Are you okay, Bonwyn?
Bronwyn: I okay.  I bonked.


Aeralind: Momma, I don’t feel well.
Me: Oh? Where do you hurt?
Aeralind: I hurt on Bonwyn.
Me: Really?!

I think they’re growing up too fast.  Oh, but I love that growing sense of compassion in Aeralind; it balances me out nicely 🙂

Counting 3354-3367 good gifts.

  • This boy laughing hysterically at himself every time I turn around
  • How Bronwyn says “Aww, man!” When she has a potty accident
  • How they play “nap” and say bedtime prayers
  • How Aerie lights up with glee when I toss a blanket over her play house to dry
  • How Aerie dips her eggs in spicy brown mustard
  • How Sedryn lifts his head and smiles at me after each nap
  • Hearing Derek mention how much he wants to maximize his time with the girls in the evening
  • Spontaneous fishing trip
  • Pure delight at casting and reeling in those silly rubber fish
  • Kin man who fished out the dropped pole
  • Hearing Bronwyn repeat “Right away, all the way, and with a happy heart” while defining obedience.
  • Sunday editing photos night
  • New to us desk with my own computer and room for my sewing machine
  • Plans developing for a pirate big girl room
holy experience