Spring Wanderlust

I’ve logged three newborn sessions in the last three weeks in my humble studio.  I’ve logged even more hours doing the behind the scenes work of these sessions. (After the kids go to bed editing, anyone?)

But I can hardly be found behind the keys of this keyboard during the day.  The reason is simple.

Our family’s wanderlust has come out of winter hibernation.

The temperatures rise to just 65 here in South Carolina and we are out the door and rolling in the backyard, riding on the bike trails, and roaming in the nearest wilderness we can find.

I am so grateful to have a profession that allows us to wander freely on the weekend.

You hear me tell stories about these crazy three (my reasons why!) as I capture your tiny ones. You may have even heard them stomping around like elephants with the babysitter during your session in the home studio.

Here they are in all their wild wanderlust joy.

Thank you for making this possible.