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Greenville SC Twin Natural Cake Smash Photos

Remember twins Ford and Emerson?  These two little loves came for their newborn session.

Greenville SC Natural Twin Newborn Baby Photographer

Now they’re back for their Greenville SC Twin Natural Cake Smash Photos!2018-02-02_0028

Jessica requested simple, neutral, and causal for their smash set up.  I have to admit, that is my favorite type of cake smash.  I love keeping things simple so that the focus remains on your sweet baby.

Simple Boy Girl Twin Cake Smash Greenville SCBoy Girl Twin Cake Smash Greenville SC


We grabbed some eucalyptus, some cotton, fresh dahlias, bark plaques, moss, and the cutest twin naked cakes from Baking Sweet Scents (Christine is the best!!!).  Add in the adorable outfits from Cora & Violet and we had the perfect simple set.


But even when you have the perfect set, babies may not destroy the cake.  And while we made a huge mess and had plenty of nibbles, these two remained pretty clean :)

Twin Cake Smash Greenville SC STealing cake

However, just like adults, baby twins always think the cake looks better on the other side. I guess they’ll soon learn that all cake is delicious!

Bubble Bath after cake smash Greenville SC

After we played in the cake we took some portraits in these sweet monogrammed rompers that mama had got for their party.

Greenville SC Twin Photographer

I’ll let you in on a little secret: I did a Photoshop trick called a head swap on this photo.  It really is hard to get both babies to look and smile at a the same time.  One of them was blinking in this image so I used another image for that baby’s face. This type of magic isn’t always possible since the angles have to be the same, but when it is I always use it!

Baby Twins Wrestling Greenville SC

Jessica,  you and your husband have done such an amazing job conquering the difficulties of the first year with twins. You’ve done so with grace and a sense of humor intact.  So much humor that you picked the twin hulk smash images for your final gallery!!! I love it!

Cake Smash Photographer Simple Greenville SC Cake Smash Photographer Greenville SC One Year Session Photographer Greenville SC

As you go into the year with double the no’s and twice the feet running in opposite directions, may you keep that humor.  It’s so hard, but I promise their sweet twin bond and your joy over them will be sweeter each and every year. It’s worth it.

Simpsonville SC Twin Photographer

Looking for a simple cake smash for your twins or singleton? I’d love to serve you. Contact me today with your vision. 



Greenville SC Newborn Baby Studio Photographer

As a Greenville SC Newborn Baby Studio Photographer, I have the joy of meeting brand new parents in their very first days with their little ones.  I get to look them in the eyes and tell them (TRUTHFULLY!) that they are doing an amazing job.  I get to tell them that feeling that way or struggling with breastfeeding or being so tired you are walking into walls (I’ve done it) is totally within the range of normal.  It’s such a gift to me to not only be entrusted with holding their little ones, but also with encouraging them in their story.

Greenville SC Newborn Baby Studio Photographer

Meet Millie Kate and her amazing parents, Dani and Korey.

Newborn Baby in a Bowl Pictures Simpsonville SC

For most of the session, Millie was so content to just be awake and gazing about the room.  This doesn’t happen often with sweet babies in the studio, but when it does I thoroughly enjoy it.  You see newborns have not master the focusing of their eyes.  I can spend a very long time trying to get an awake image where baby appears to be looking at the camera.  Sometimes little ones fall back asleep before I’ve got one!

Timeless Newborn Baby Pictures

But Millie Kate gave us two open eye pictures that her parents selected for their final gallery.

2018-04-09_0005 2018-04-09_0004

After her long awake period and a little snack, Millie was content to fall asleep in her parents arms.  Parent images are my absolute favorite.  You can feel how much these sweet babies are loved when you see them in their parents arms.

Greenville SC Newborn Photographer


I especially love this image of Millie in Korey’s hands in our oval wood print. The sense of how tiny she really is quite tangible.Simpsonville Newbonr Photographer

Millie came in early spring when both the Camellias and my Cherry tree were in blossom.  I brought both of those inside to use in some of her prop sets and I just love the results.

Baby in Nest pictures Greenville SC Newborn Baby Studio Pictures

My favorite images were these in the nest where Millie posed herself.  I just love the little details this relaxed pose she chose allowed us to capture.

Greenville SC Newborn Photographer

Looking to book your own Greenville SC Newborn Baby Studio Photographer?

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Timeless Simpsonville SC Newborn Photographer

My favorite part about being a Timeless Simpsonville SC Newborn photographer is encouraging mamas.  Sweet Elizabeth’s mama Lady-Joy has become a dear friend.  We both have 8 year old girls and we spent a good deal of this session just chatting about the challenges of this age.  Would you believe that 8 has so many challenges? Attitudes and eye rolls and hurt feelings abound.
Greenville SC Newborn Photographer

But before I scare you about raising your eight your old daughter there’s also a great deal of beauty in this age too.  The depth of conversation and the insights are incredible. They’re also learning their voices and starting to use it to be passionate about what makes them tick.  My girls are really moving toward having a heart to abolish modern day slavery.  They’re full of questions and anger and a beautiful kind of movement toward “What can I do about this right now at my age?”  So mama’s be prepared to have your heart twisted in both directions.

Timeless Simpsonville SC Newborn Photographer Baby Girl

So now that I’ve told you a bit about 8 year old girls, let’s focus a bit on 8 DAY old girls.   This is sweet and tiny Elizabeth.  She was a bit of a surprise in timing, but oh so joyously welcomed!
Simpsonville SC Newborn Photographer

I gasped out loud when I placed Elizabeth in daddy’s hands like this.  There’s something so magical about the tiny-ness of a baby girl in daddy’s hands.  How his very hands shelter her and protect her physically as they will continue to do as she grows.

DSC02887b copyElizabeth is also blessed with an older brother to protect her.  How cute is this?!
2018-02-08_0014Newborn Baby Photos SImpsonville

One of the other best parts about being a Timeless Simpsonville SC Newborn Photographer is getting to see all the sweet faces these babies make.  The follow set of 6 frames were all taken mere seconds apart.  Babies are born with all kinds of personality!Baby in Prop Newborn Photos Greenville SC

I love this sweet little bed too.  It’s my favorite place to place a swaddled awake baby to soothe herself to sleep and get some beautiful captures.Greenville SC Newborn Photographer

Lady-Joy,  thank you for sharing your new beauty Elizabeth with me.  But more importantly, thank you for vulnerably sharing your motherhood journey with me.  Your encouragement and sweet spirit have sustained me so many times!

2018-02-08_0020 2018-02-08_0021Thinking of booking a Timeless Simpsonville SC Newborn Photographer?  I’d love to get to know you.  Contact me today!

Studio Timeless Sibling Photo Session Greenville SC

Sweet sisters Elin and Emeri came to the studio for a Studio Timeless Sibling Photo Session Greenville SC! Can these two be any cuter?

I always tell parents that ages 18 month to 3 years old are absolute wild cards in the studio.  There’s a lot that parents can do to prep them for a session, but in actually these ages call the shot and Elin was no different!2018-03-01_0002

She wasn’t a huge fan of looking my way but mommy says she still talks about being in the studio with me!

However, we did coax one smile from Elin.

2018-03-01_0006But even if she had not smiled at all, this sweet series of images pretty much encapsulates the precociousness that is a two year old.  I loved it so much!


Emeri, on the other hand, was so full of smile and joy that I wish I could have bottled it up!  Three months is a super fun age!

I mean can we get a cuter grin?2018-03-01_0007

I had so much fun dressing Elin up in the studio wardrobe for babies that all clients can use.

Interested in scheduling a special photo session to remember your little ones just as they are now?  I’d love to hear from you.  Drop me a note today!

6 month Studio Sitter Pictures Greenville SC

Meet Graham who came for 6 month Studio Sitter Pictures Greenville SC.  This little guy is pure and uninhibited joy.Greenville SC Baby Photographer

His spirit is curious and adventurous and he has the most delightful elbow and hand dimples.
6 month Studio Sitter Pictures Greenville SC

His mama Jennifer is the sweetest soul and she’s one of my favorite people to come visit the studio.  She has this sweet spirit and always wants to know how our family is doing.  While I make it a goal to encourage mamas in my studio, Jennifer seems to do a better job that I do.Simpsonville SC Baby Photographer

Together we talked about how seasons of stay-at-home mama-ness, can be so isolating.  About how hard it can be to find good friends or even to meet with new friends around baby nap schedules and errands that have to be ran.  We talked about how encouragement is so vital to every mom and how date nights are vital to marriages.Greer SC Baby Photographer

And meanwhile sweet Graham just kept hamming it up for the camera.  Or attempting to climb out of the boxes we put him in…2018-02-08_0039 Six Month Photos Greenville SC

So, mama of one in The Baby Year, Jenn and I want you to know that you’re not alone.   You’re not alone in the exhaustion or the loneliness.  You’re not alone in the feeling neglected.  You’re not alone in the wondering how to preserve your marriage.Greenville SC Baby Photos

You’re not alone in the longing for true friends or the longing for time with your true friends.  You’re not alone in the simultaneous treasuring of each moment and longing for bedtime and few minutes alone.natural baby photos Greenville SC

Take a risk, mama.  Share your heart with another mama, free of judgement and with a sweet open vulnerability.  Your new friend is probably the one sitting right next to you playgroup.  Or the photographer you’re hanging out with in her studio.Natural Baby Photos Simpsonville SC

I promise she probably feels the same way.Simpsonville SC Baby Photographer

Interested in taking a load off at the studio while getting beautiful pictures of your baby?  I’d love to help you feel less alone.  Tell me what you’re thinking by clicking here.