Toddler Activity of the Week: Water Colors and Sewing

We were pretty sick here last week (at least mommy and the baby… the girls fared pretty well).  Watercolors for the first time.

Do you see those black circles on the right: those are people.  And those arc’s she’s making: rainbows.  She threw a fit at a friend’s house yesterday because she can’t yet draw the letters A and B.

Oh, sweet Bronwyn!  She wakes up asking to paint.  If she can’t paint, then she pulls out her crayons and creates.

The night before Sedryn was so sick, Bronwyn had been up 3 hours in the middle of the night complaining of an earache.  Mid-morning, both Bronwyn and Sedryn collapsed into bed.  Aeralind and I were blessed with two hours of time just to spend with each other.  It was such a beautiful blessing!

Aeralind loves detail so I made her up a little sewing card and taught her how to so.  I loved watching her quiet concentration and excitement over this new skill.