Breast Feeding Part 17: A New Beginning

Let’s just say that breastfeeding a singleton after twins is a so easy.  A full term almost 9lb baby with a mom who knows what to do have a learning curve that while still steep, isn’t nearly as hard as it was the first time. 

In the beginning, the only issue we had was a bad latch on the right side.  It turns out that, because of the twins on their nursing pillow, I’m pretty much incapable of latching a young baby on the right side except in football hold.  So that was an easy fix 😉

And then my milk came in.  Holy Milk Cow Momma!  Um… hello, body, we’re not needing milk for two again! So I had to block feed Sedryn (one side for every 3 hours).  That solved issue number two.  Score!

But issue number 3 isn’t going to be so easy.  Momma overloaded on dairy the last two days.  And momma’s ears have been paying for it.  The little guy has screamed from 1pm-10pm (praise God he’s allowing it to be during the day time!) both days.   So I’ll be dairy light through the holidays to see if he improves… and after the holidays if it’s still rough, I guess I’m heading back to dairy-free land. 

Hello Almond Milk Smoothies: I’ve missed you the past 13 months!  (no really, I have!)