Breastfeeding Part 20: in which the 8 month old get his first bottle


The girls were slightly grouchy, bit me more often, and then POP! a tooth.  We didn’t even use teething gel until they cut their first molars. I kind of snorted at everyone who drugged the mess out of their kids on everything from pain meds to teething tablets to amber necklaces.

Confession: I’ve been doing a drug cocktail with the boy for 48 hours… and now I ordered an amber necklace.

Apparently his teeth hurt so bad that I’m experiencing my first nursing strike.  Wednesday he didn’t eat from 1 until 9pm (to be fair… he was also recovering from the stomach flu).  Thursday he didn’t eat from 3-9pm.  Today was trending to be the same.  I’d be fine with that… but he screams pathetically for like 2 hours of that time, then cries himself to sleep, and then I wake him to nurse.  All that screaming (and crawling after me where ever I go) is way more that I can handle (+ two year old twins).

Today required drastic measures.  I borrowed a pump.

And the 8 month old got his first bottle.

I know he was relieved.  And I sort of was.  At least from the screaming.

But I was sad that he had to have a bottle at all. (Self-righteous humility-struggler that I am.)  Oh, and I hate pumping.  Hate it.

So I had a talk with the boy and said I’d only pump the dinner time feed for him… and help him through the other three with well-timed drowsy feeds (during which he will nurse).

But I do believe he liked that bottle… just… a… little… too… much.

Don’t you think?

Breastfeeding: Part 18

I finally narrowed down the food that makes Sedryn turn into a chaotic ball of fussiness for hours.  It’s like he’s a different baby when I eat eggs!

It’s took me over 3 months to figure it out.  His worst days were Christmas Eve, Christmas, and 3 days 2 weeks ago.  Seriously, my folks thought he was an terrible baby when they were here for Christmas.  He did nothing but scream!  On those days I had eaten a frittata and baked French toast.  On those 3 days 2 weeks ago: omelets and quiche.  With no eggs in my diet, I know have super content baby all the time!  Sedryn is so easy going 🙂 

Fortunately, I’m allowed to have brownies and other baked goods: those amounts of eggs don’t bother him!

However, I have been hit for the first time this go round by the evil that is called Mastitis.  It was the perfect storm of sleeplessness, followed by an weekend of vomit that found me sleeping accidentally in a nursing tank, and a missed feeding.  Youch!   I picked up some grapefruit seed extract today (a natural antibiotic) and have rested a ton.  Hopefully, I’ll be in the clear soon 🙂

Breast Feeding Part 17: A New Beginning

Let’s just say that breastfeeding a singleton after twins is a so easy.  A full term almost 9lb baby with a mom who knows what to do have a learning curve that while still steep, isn’t nearly as hard as it was the first time. 

In the beginning, the only issue we had was a bad latch on the right side.  It turns out that, because of the twins on their nursing pillow, I’m pretty much incapable of latching a young baby on the right side except in football hold.  So that was an easy fix 😉

And then my milk came in.  Holy Milk Cow Momma!  Um… hello, body, we’re not needing milk for two again! So I had to block feed Sedryn (one side for every 3 hours).  That solved issue number two.  Score!

But issue number 3 isn’t going to be so easy.  Momma overloaded on dairy the last two days.  And momma’s ears have been paying for it.  The little guy has screamed from 1pm-10pm (praise God he’s allowing it to be during the day time!) both days.   So I’ll be dairy light through the holidays to see if he improves… and after the holidays if it’s still rough, I guess I’m heading back to dairy-free land. 

Hello Almond Milk Smoothies: I’ve missed you the past 13 months!  (no really, I have!)

Breastfeeding Part 16: Closing Thoughts

Well it’s been two weeks since I last nursed.  The girls are carrying on like normal.  I suffered a pretty severe plug 8 days after our last nursing.  I no longer have a pump so I googled hand expression and then took Aeralind into the bedroom and had her latch on.  She latched and gave me a hysterical look along the lines of “Are you serious? That stuff tastes weird!”  However, she got the milk flowing and I was able to hand express the plug in two sessions. (Seriously, why didn’t anyone teach me hand expression before now!  It would have been perfect in those early days!)  8 Cabbage leaves later and the worst was over. 

Looking back, I am so glad I fought to nurse these children.  My primary reason for breastfeeding was always financial: we couldn’t afford formula.  However, I also know the scientific benefits and I loved that I wouldn’t have to clean bottles.  But those first three months… whew.  I would not have made it through except for that commitment and the support of my husband and the lactation staff at St. Francis.

Was it worth it? Yes.  Even though I had to pump so much.  Even though I had mastitis 3 times.  Even though they didn’t latch skin to skin until three months.  Even though I quit eating dairy for their sake.  Even though I hated being a milk cow.  Even though I hated pumping and also hated being stuck to their time table (as far as how long I could be away from them).

I will cherish those moments of close snuggling and the fact that my body was able to nourish those babies.  I feel blessed that I stayed the course.

But I am so glad this season is over 🙂

To those of you reading these words and going through the initial stages of breastfeeding or considering breastfeeding your multiples, I would love to support you however I can.  I put my story out there on the web to support you and I have made two friends because of it and been emailed a total of four times.  I know that breastfeeding twins takes the support of many people and I would love to be able to assist you however you can.

Hang in there.  It’s a wild ride, but remember, even in the thick of your worst day:

It’s only a season.

Breastfeeding Part 15: And the Dairy is Closed

Wednesday morning the mom dairy closed for business (at least with this set).

13 months and 9 days is the final tally.

My Aunt Flow came for a visit and my supply usually drops during that time, the girls were being all crazy while nursing and I was just done.

So I closed up shop.  It just seemed like perfect timing for all of us.

So far so good.  But with all my issues with mastitis and no longer having access to a pump, I’m slightly nervous. 

In any case: the fridge is stocked with cabbage and the medicine cabinet has ibuprofen in case mastitis comes and both birth control pills and sudafed to slow up production if things start getting ugly.

Let me tell you as sad as I am that this time is over, I am glad I’m done. 

I feel so free.

And the girls are happy as clams drinking coconut milk from their straw cups.

I fought the good fight.  I saved us a ton of money.  I did the hardest thing I’ve ever done and I have two precious 19lb babies/toddlers to show for it.

I say it’s a win/win situation 🙂