Breastfeeding: Dairy-Free Resources

 These are some resources that I’ve found useful in my dairy-free journey.  Feel free to e-mail me with links to other dairy free resources that you’ve found or a link to your blog with your own dairy free resource post!

Kelly Mom Hidden Dairy Handout: The most concise handout on hidden dairy out there.  Print this, go through your cabinets with it in hand, and go shopping with it in your bag.  Especially if your child is super sensitive.

Reflux Rebels: Click over on the side for information on Milk/Soy Protein Intolerance.  I had no idea that 50% of babies who react to dairy also react to Soy.  My girls react to large quantities of soy(as I found out with my homemade tofu chip dip), but handle hidden very well. Dairy Free-Cooking Group: Great recipes (though a little vegan focused) and it has a free newsletter with recipes sent to your inbox once a week.  Great dessert ideas 😀

Go Dairy Free: Articles and recipes. My personal favorite part of this site is the Dining Out section with it’s Fast Food Restaurant list.  Seriously, who would have guessed that McDonalds fries have dairy in them and that the only main dish I can eat at Chick-fil-a is the Grilled Chicken Sandwich (though I’ve heard they’ll make you grilled nuggets if you ask)

I Can’t Believe it’s Vegan: A wonderful list of everyday convenience products that are dairy free. I wish I had seen this in the first 2 weeks of the Dairy Elimination Diet!
AllRecipes: I’ve had great luck here searching for Dairy-Free or Milk-Free.  I also love that there are reviews so I can see what others thought about it. I’m sure other recipe sites are good too.  I’ll highlight some of my favorite All Recipe meals soon!

St. Francis Baby Downloadables: Scroll down for the Milk Free Foods for Nursing Mothers. A great list of quick convenience foods.

Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital: A fantastic simple run down of what you can and cannot eat.  Easy to understand.

Dairy-Free Moms is a forum group on Baby Center.  These ladies are so helpful and answer questions promptly.  Plus it’s fun to talk to other moms in the same boat!

Mom Recipe Blogs: 
The longer I’ve been dairy free, the more resources I find!  Here is a list of some dairy-free blogs, I’ve stumbled on over the past 5 months.  I’ll keep adding stuff as I find it!