Breastfeeding Part 11: Solid Food

I can’t believe the girls are starting on solid food.  I just can’t process it!  We’ve been doing solids seriously for about 2 weeks now.  Avocado, Peas, Apples, Rice Cereal, Sweet Potato and Mango(just tried it today) are on the menu.

Bronwyn really seems to like just about anything we put in her mouth.  She grabs the spoon to chew on and suck off of and brings her mouth right to the spoon in excitment.  She also screams if I spend too much time feeding her sister in between bites!

Aeralind is starting to like it more. She’s especially drawn to the avocado and peas and generally tolerates plain rice cereal better than her sister.

I feed them solids twice a day. Lunch occurs about 30 minutes after they wake from their first nap and have a good nursing. They also eat dinner with us.  That’s usually an hour after a feeding, but it works for us to keep them awake until about 7:30 without having to eat our dinner with them screaming at us.

For me, this is really an odd period.  They still depend on me for all of their nutrition.  They can’t really sit up in a high chair for very long.  They can’t feed themselves.  I’m almost amused by it.

So the next stage is the introduction of the Sippy Cup.  Any tips on when and how and which cup would be greatly appreciated. For some reason sippy cups scare me 😉