Breastfeeding Part 16: Closing Thoughts

Well it’s been two weeks since I last nursed.  The girls are carrying on like normal.  I suffered a pretty severe plug 8 days after our last nursing.  I no longer have a pump so I googled hand expression and then took Aeralind into the bedroom and had her latch on.  She latched and gave me a hysterical look along the lines of “Are you serious? That stuff tastes weird!”  However, she got the milk flowing and I was able to hand express the plug in two sessions. (Seriously, why didn’t anyone teach me hand expression before now!  It would have been perfect in those early days!)  8 Cabbage leaves later and the worst was over. 

Looking back, I am so glad I fought to nurse these children.  My primary reason for breastfeeding was always financial: we couldn’t afford formula.  However, I also know the scientific benefits and I loved that I wouldn’t have to clean bottles.  But those first three months… whew.  I would not have made it through except for that commitment and the support of my husband and the lactation staff at St. Francis.

Was it worth it? Yes.  Even though I had to pump so much.  Even though I had mastitis 3 times.  Even though they didn’t latch skin to skin until three months.  Even though I quit eating dairy for their sake.  Even though I hated being a milk cow.  Even though I hated pumping and also hated being stuck to their time table (as far as how long I could be away from them).

I will cherish those moments of close snuggling and the fact that my body was able to nourish those babies.  I feel blessed that I stayed the course.

But I am so glad this season is over 🙂

To those of you reading these words and going through the initial stages of breastfeeding or considering breastfeeding your multiples, I would love to support you however I can.  I put my story out there on the web to support you and I have made two friends because of it and been emailed a total of four times.  I know that breastfeeding twins takes the support of many people and I would love to be able to assist you however you can.

Hang in there.  It’s a wild ride, but remember, even in the thick of your worst day:

It’s only a season.