Breastfeeding: Part 18

I finally narrowed down the food that makes Sedryn turn into a chaotic ball of fussiness for hours.  It’s like he’s a different baby when I eat eggs!

It’s took me over 3 months to figure it out.  His worst days were Christmas Eve, Christmas, and 3 days 2 weeks ago.  Seriously, my folks thought he was an terrible baby when they were here for Christmas.  He did nothing but scream!  On those days I had eaten a frittata and baked French toast.  On those 3 days 2 weeks ago: omelets and quiche.  With no eggs in my diet, I know have super content baby all the time!  Sedryn is so easy going 🙂 

Fortunately, I’m allowed to have brownies and other baked goods: those amounts of eggs don’t bother him!

However, I have been hit for the first time this go round by the evil that is called Mastitis.  It was the perfect storm of sleeplessness, followed by an weekend of vomit that found me sleeping accidentally in a nursing tank, and a missed feeding.  Youch!   I picked up some grapefruit seed extract today (a natural antibiotic) and have rested a ton.  Hopefully, I’ll be in the clear soon 🙂