Breastfeeding Part 5: Milk Allergy?

In my last post, I mentioned that the nurse had suggested that the girls might have a milk allergy. I had cried. Life without cheese and chocolate… is that life? Luckily for my sanity last week, the Dr. had suggested that it was probably just reflux. I was so worn down that I couldn’t even consider life without milk!

Well, on Saturday the girls screamed and fussed and spit up volumes or didn’t spit up at all after every single feeding. It was terribly perplexing. At their 6 pm feeding I took a mental note of what I had eaten that day. Here’s a copy of that list:

  • 2 cups of hot chocolate made with milk
  • milk and cereal
  • 2-3 pieces of string cheese
  • pita pizzas for lunch
  • a spur of the moment potato, egg, ham, and cheese casserole for dinner

Are you noticing the theme here? I overloaded the poor babes on milk and they were screaming about it.

Saturday evening I put myself on a milk elimination diet. No milk for two weeks. I pumped the 9pm feeding of the milk overload day and saved it to try on them after the milk is out of our systems. If they react adversely to that pumped feeding it’s another month on the no milk diet before trying them on milk again.

I’ll keep you posted on their reaction. But at least if I can’t have cheese, Whole Foods makes Vegan chocolate chips!