Christmas Ornament Details

Edited Nov. 29:  The Cart is Open!  Click here to purchase.

I’m getting really excited about the Christmas Ornament Black Friday through Cyber Monday Sale! But I’m also getting some frequently asked questions. Now is the time where I’ll answer those.

How much are the Christmas Ornaments?

Christmas Ornaments will be $25.  Shipping is $5 for the first ornament and $1 for each additional ornament.

Do I have to be a past client of Quiet Graces to order an Ornament?

No!  I’m happy to print either photos from a session with me or your own photos on an ornament.  However, if a professional photographer took your image, please make sure you have a print release.  As an artist myself, I take copyright law very seriously.

What are all the Ornament Shapes?

I’m so excited to finally reveal them all!

This is Paris.

Photo Christmas Ornanments

This is Prague.

Photo Christmas Ornanments

This is London. (And this photo is by Amber in my Free Beginner’s Photography Class. I just LOVE it!)

Photo Christmas Ornanments

This is Tokyo. Photo Christmas Ornanments

And this is Berlin.

Photo Christmas Ornanments


How do I choose a Photo to Match the Ornament shape I choose?

Paris, Prague, and London will work best with photos that have a fair amount of space around your subject and will crop relatively square.  Pull up your image and make a square around the subject.  If all the important part of your image fit in your square, then you can order Paris, Prague, or London.

Tokyo and Berlin will work with most horizontal images.  You’ll want to make sure there’s a bit of space along each end and your subjects are near the center of the frame.

In any case, I’ll email you a quick preview of your ornament before sending it to the printer.  You’ll hit reply and say “Ok!” or “Maybe we should pick a different ornament/image.”

How do I send my image to you?

If you’re choosing an image from your session, give me a brief description of the image and let me know the file names (either the title of your Websized file, or written on the back of your 4×6 proof).

If you’re sending in an image: I’ll invite you to a folder.  You’ll drag and drop the files you want printed into that folder.  If ordering more than one ornament, name your files accordingly.  Example “Ornament1Front” “Ornament1Back.” “Ornament2Front.” “Ornament2Back,” etc.

If you’d like text on the back instead of two images or text in the corner of an image (the year and child’s name for instance), at then include a little note text document in your Dropbox or shoot me an email saying the text you’d like along with a background color.

Will I receive my ornaments in time for Christmas?

Lord willing, yes.  I will place orders as soon as you okay your preview.  I would prefer to have all orders placed on Wednesday December 4th so pay attention to your email if you need these as presents before Christmas!

Can I share this special with my friends?

Absolutely, please do!  I will, however, be limiting my orders to 100 ornaments.  I am one person and I think that is all that I am capable of successfully fulfilling at this time.  If you’re wanting an ornament please for sure, please sign up today for my newsletter.  Newsletter subscribers will receive the first link to the shopping cart early tomorrow morning. The blog and Facebook site will link to the shopping cart on Friday.

You said you’d donate a portion of the proceeds to charity?

Yes!  20% of the profit from each ornament will be used to purchase from Compassion International’s Gift Catalog.  I’m so excited about the ways we will be able to bless a family in extreme poverty together!  And I’ll definitely update ya’ll on Facebook regarding what the children chose to purchase with your gifts!

Did I miss any questions?

I don’t know!  But if I did, I’m sure you’ll let me know in the comments, right? 😉