Close: 5 Five Minute Friday

I’m joining this week with Lisa-Jo’s 5 minute Friday: a community for those who love to write.  It’s been a few months since I did any writing just for the sake of writing… so I’m jumping in again with these ladies.


I feel him moving close, right up against my hand.

He moves away to the window, trying to escape.  I chase him.

He’s scared of me.  I’m scared of hurting him.

We dance this little dance in my kitchen with the three little ones squealing and watching on from behind.

Finally, the gold finch takes one last desperate flight toward the window and stuns himself.

I scoop him up nearly weightless in my hands.  Hold him down close so that the three can see.

He’s panting and squeaking.  Wild eyed.

I walk outside with him and release him to fly.  He looks at me stunned.

Gold Finch

Motionless there on the towel.

He’s holding a wing at an awkward angle.  His beak open; his eyes wild.

I place him in a box and gather some seed and water.  I text my husband about finding a rehabilitation center.

Shoo the kids back to their lunches to let him calm down some in the box.

We check on him after lunch.  I reach my hand in to give him the seed and off he flies.

The chase is on again.  His heart beating and his body thrashing in the towel close to my palm.

The kids whisper good-bye.  I hold him out again and this time he flies.

It’s when we’re broken, when we’re scared, that’s when He’s holding us close. He’s just waiting to see when we’ll notice Him there.  His large eyes full of compassion that we may feel the confidence to do what brings Him glory.