$1.25 a day

I’m thinking about our sweet Delsys today.

Did you know that most families in extreme poverty live on less than $1.25 a day?  Could you live on that?  Give it a try: https://www.live58.org/survive125/

I only survived 19 days out of a month.  I made simple choices to keep my children in school and to keep my daughter from working in a place where rumors were flying about sex trafficking. I was sexually assaulted walking home from work.   And I ran out of money and food in 19 days.

19 Days out of 30.

Oh, sisters (and the rare brother who stops my blog home), this makes me cry.  I’m not very tender-hearted.  I don’t have the spiritual gift of mercy.  So crying over something not directly related to my life doesn’t happen very often.

There are two beautiful letters on my wall from a sweet 5 year old girl named Dalsys who lives in El Salvador.  Two letters from a girl in poverty.  A girl who we invited into our family with just $38 a month to give her.  She will go to school.  She will have dreams.  She will be able to pursue some of them.  For just $38 a month.

A friend wrote this thought provoking post a few weeks ago on defending our daughters from sexual abuse.  Would I do everything in my power to prevent and stop such abuse?  Yes, up to and including laying down my own body or life for those precious little girls.

But these children and women in poverty, aren’t they our sisters and Christ’s daughters as well?

Does $38 a month stretch us?  Yes, some months it does.  But other seasons, like now, not so much.  Can you join me in giving up a coffee or two a week and sponsor another child?  To fight poverty.  To help a mom prevent having to make the choice between sending her daughter to work at a place known to sell girls in sex trafficking or letting that same daughter go hungry?

Please.  Sponsor a Child.  The blessing of having Dalsys in our life is way larger than those $38 could ever be if they stayed here in our home.