Compassion International Blog Month

It’s no secret around here I have a heart for Compassion International.

We got our first letter from our sponsored girl Delsys where she actually responded to our questions.  She’s just 6 years old so this is a big deal!  Delsys lives in El Salvador and my girls and I wrote her about painting birdhouses.  We asked her if they built houses for birds in El Salvador and we got this witty response.

Hello dear friend.. I am very happy for the letter that you sent me and I want to tell you that there are hardly houses for birds just nests…”

That pretty much cracked me up.  I’m not sure if it was the translation or real witty sarcasm or if it’s just my silly sense of humor 🙂

But let me tell you this: I can tell that Compassion is making a difference in the life of our sweet Delsys.  In this same letter, Delsys told us her favorite bible story is the crucifixion.  See her beautiful rendering of this story.  6 year old art is beautiful!


So why am I telling you this: well, Septmember is Compassion International’s blog month.  The goal this year is to have 3,160 children just like Delsys sponsored.  You get to be the game changer in a child’s life.

So here are my personal goals as a small blogger and photographer:

So comment below and tell me how you’ll join me during Compassion Internation Blog Month.  These children are counting on us!