Just a little Broken

I can hardly eat today.

That’s not the usual case.  I actually often have to repent of gluttony. But today I’m suffering through another minor stomach bug.

I open a letter from Delsys with a drawing of her wearing a beautiful blue and white dress.  She writes that she prays that we stay in good health.  I needed that encouragement today.  To know that even though my intestines are in turmoil, I will likely be okay.  It’s amazing how a 5 year old child in poverty can speak into my heart.

But she writes that she is thankful “for belonging in a family”  and asks that we “always pray for her entire family so that God keeps them in good health and that they can be united.”

I’m struck with the brokenness of a prayer request like this from a 5 year old. A five year old who watches families broken by curable diseases such as malaria and who wants to be a nurse so she can heal that hurt and save families.

I know a few five year olds and they want to be things like ballerina’s or stunt motorcyclists or firefighters or mommys. These first world 5 year olds want to seek glory for themselves or become someone they admire, but third world Delsys is on a mission to stop disease from wrecking families. The contrast is stark.

We’re at the store the other day and one of my three year olds is throwing a fit over a toy that we simply cannot afford.  The other one pats her on the shoulder: “Don’t cry. You can ask for it for Christmas,” she consoles.  A part of me dies of horror in response.

I love gift giving and it’s truly my love language, but things need to change around here. I’m not sure how to enact that change, but I know a few ways to start.  Stressing the gospel, reading the word, attending the combating materialism parent class next session, teaching the girls to give, and falling flat on my face in prayer.

Delsys, sweet girl, I’m not sure how we thought we could help you… in truth, we need your perspective more than you need our meager $38 a month.

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