Living the I love you

I received a letter from our sweet Delsys today.

With these words written down by a teacher:

“I love you.”

I nearly wept right there in the car with my three kiddos on my way to buy a board to replace a broken step.

Love.  Isn’t that what drew us to sponsor Delsys?  To reach outside of ourselves and our first world life into the depths of a third world country and love one someone through a small bit of our budget and a large bit of our hearts in letters.

I can’t even begin to describe to you the joy to hear those words.  To know that even on those days when I don’t leave my home or my young children: that I am reflecting the love of Christ to this precious little girl.

Compassion would like to see 3,108 children sponsored this month.  It would be the most ever sponsored in the month of September.

Would you hop on over to the Compassion Website and pray for these children?  Pray that they might come to know the Lord.  Pray that they would pursue education and dreams outside of the the third world countries.  Pray that someone will sponsor those children.  Pray that you have the courage to give up 5 fancy coffee drinks a month to be a sponsor.  Pray that you can be a blessing.

And let me know how the Lord changes your heart when you hear (or read) those simple words:

I love you.