Pinterest and Poverty?

I’ve struggled over a week to write this post for Compassion about their “My Sponsored Child Pinterest Contest.”

Not because of Pinterest really.  I love Pinterest.  I love how I can visually sort my bookmarks.  I find that incredibly useful in the day to day when my mommy brain forgot how to do something or where I saw something.  

Nor because I don’t think contests involving Pinterest as the entry are wrong.  I’ve entered two myself (and since taken those boards down… I really don’t enjoy clutter).
No, I think I struggled with blogging about this because I’m not sure I can mix the two.  This crazy first-world craze of Pinterest with all it’s craft projects, beauty advice, home DIY, and everything else, mixed with the hopeless third-world of a child who may not have eaten two good meals that day.  How can they coexist?  Mingle?  Inspire one another? 
It really didn’t make a bit of sense to me to mix the two.  Pinterest and Poverty?  Huh?
How could God use the self-absorbed world of Pinterest to change third-world poverty?
Wait just one second, Melissa.  Did you just put the God of the universe in a box?  Um, well, um… yes I did. (I talk to myself sometimes… you’ll have to forgive me… but it’s the only thing that keeps me sane… or not… you be the judge).  
The God who made everything from nothing, can I put him in a box about Pinterest?  Nope.  No, I can’t.
God can use Pinterest to move hearts to bring children out of poverty.  
Would you consider helping?  Blow up Pinterest feeds everywhere with children being released from poverty?  Sponsor a child yourself?  
A letter from Dalsys taped on my wall.  Isn’t the face her brother Ricardo is making hysterical?!
I’d love to post a lovely picture of me and Dalsys… but with 3 toddlers in the house (2 who adore Dalsys and jump for joy when they see her picture or get her letter), I can’t find my photo of Dalsys.  Ha!  They ran off with her to pray for her themselves.  So a hand drawing from 5 year old Dalsys will have to do!
The following is a copy of Compassion’s post about the Pinterest Contest.  Participate if you dare!
Dearly Beloved,
We are gathered here today to learn about a new opportunity to bless your sponsored child.
Electric word, bless, it means to confer divine favor upon, and that’s a mighty good thing.
And I’m here to tell ya. This is how it’ll work.
  1. Create a Pinterest board titled “My Sponsored Child.”
  2. On the board you create,
  3. pinterest contest

    Pin this image to your “My Sponsored Child” board
    • pin the image in this post and associate the following link with the pin:
    • pin any one of the following and tag this second pin with #mysponsoredchild.
      • A photo of you and your sponsored child together.
      • A photo of you with a letter from your sponsored child.
      • A photo of you holding a photo of your sponsored child.
    • pin anything else you want that is relevant to your sponsored child or Compassion.
Once you have created your board, share the URL with us, along with your contact information, using the form at the end of this blog post.
You will receive one contest entry for every repin your “Pin It for My Sponsored Child” pin receives.
You can also enter the contest by sponsoring a child via during the contest period. You will receive 30 contest entries for each child you sponsor.
All winners will be chosen randomly.
Ten separate sponsors will win a $25 gift for their sponsored child.
Five separate sponsors will win a $100 gift for their sponsored child’s family.
The contest runs from Sept. 17 to 23, 2012.
Now, go forth and pin!

My Sponsored Child Pinterest Contest Entry Form

By entering I acknowledge that I have read, understand and agree to the Official Contest Rules (PDF) and the Compassion International Privacy Policy.

Courtesy of Compassion International: