On the seventh day, God rested.

Sometimes I forget that I’m not better than God and I just keep on working and doing and planning and…and…

This streak usually ends poorly with me crying after an angry outburst that really boils down to me feeling overwhelmed.

(I may or may not have had such an ugly outburst on Monday.)

I don’t like to rest. Because in resting, I have to wait on God.

But I’m learning to rest. Learning to step away from the computer and its hounding me to write or edit. Learning to take knitting needles out to the lawn and create amid preschool laughter. Learning to sew during nap time on somedays even though I know it’s my best hours for writing or editing. I’m learning that chatting with friends idly on Tuesday night (when we’re supposed to be discussing a book) or having Facetime with Julia is often more important than whatever was on my to do list.

God gives me these things as gifts. Rest is a gift whether with a friend or with hands that create or even taking an extra long shower.

And gifts are to be opened with surprise and simply enjoyed. I know that. I love giving gifts and I love watching them be used with joy.

So I’m heading to bed now. To rest in Him and the good gifts He gives. To recharge for the work He has blessed me with tomorrow. To have enough overflow in my daily life to serve him in this God-sized dream.

Yes, I need rest.