A Theme Forming

There might be a theme forming here in the random things that came together to produce Wednesday’s post.  I might be blogging about it for the next century or so.

For instance, yesterday I went to join some friends at a neighborhood pool perfect for toddlers.  Wonderful playdate.  I had a great time.  I was ready to take two sleepy babies home.  So I buckle them up in their carseats and then pull out my keys to start the car.

But they weren’t my keys.  They were one of the other mother’s keys. Oh, the joys of toddlers.

24 hours after that playdate started, I still don’t have my keys or any inkling where they could be.

I know I had them when I got there.  I have no idea where they went after that.

 I could have cried all afternoon.  Actually, I still sort of feel like crying all day (hormones… sigh). 

Did I mention I’m nowhere near perfect?

This morning I find a link to this post in my Google Reader.

Go read it.  It’s all I have to echo this morning.

Right now I need to go snuggle with a baby who is running around with a piece of bird fabric that she’s in love with.  And maybe later this afternoon, I’ll cut her out a perfectly imperfect dress from that fabric.