The baby, he skipped a nap so he’s up super early from that second nap and I’m worried about getting my nine hours of sleep tonight.

I wonder if I’ll ever manage to catch up on taking photos of the things I make for my Year of Action, or if I should just call that portion quits.  Resign to try again during a less hectic season.

In the past seven days, I’ve made almost a complete quilt top (needs a solid border), a dress, a piece of embroidery, and some gifts.  But I feel spent.  Not a giver.  Just tired.

I don’t think I have any thoughts to write down right now that are the least bit coherent (and I really ought to get that baby up…).

But I do want to say this.

You are enough (and so am I).

You are enough not because of what you have done or what you have not done.

No, you are enough because of what Someone has done for you.

Someone died for you to make you His beloved.

And that is enough.

More than enough.