On Living God Sized Dreams

Blossom Bunkhouse


Last year I was invited to join at team of 99 women on Holley Gerth’s God Sized Dreams Team.  I had written a SMART goal on my application to simply “Photograph 13 paid sessions in 2013.”  I didn’t know what to expect on Holley’s Team and amid a sea of mostly writers, I really didn’t feel like I belonged in the group for at least a month.

I wrote this quiet post about the beginning of it all.


But these women on that team are precious to me now.  The dream has grown and changed and been empowered by them.


Did I photograph 13 paid sessions?  By some startling miracle of grace: yes. But it was the walking with this team that really changed me and my dream and molded my heart to be more like God’s.


Honestly, I’m having a hard time putting into words all the ways this journey has changed me.  So to avoid the worlds longest post let me just whisper a quick bullet point list.

  • I’ve realized that the writing I do is part of the dream.  I’m not quite sure how they fit together, but I know they’re part of the same calling.  So I’ll keep writing in this space.
  • I’ve learned the difference between getting paid and being profitable enough to pay myself.  Running a business is costly and if I’m not paying myself instead of funneling money back into the business then I’m not doing anything more then fueling an expensive hobby.  That’s not fair to my family.
  • God taught me the difference that praying others through their dream as I pray for theirs really makes. It’s been incredible to know that at my weakest I’m supported by these ladies on the God Sized Dream Team in prayer.  And hearing about the answers to our prayers is just stunning miracles of grace.
  • That my people pleasing tendencies get in the way of real relationship. Ahem… I can’t believe I typed that.  But that was why I was called to attend Allume and meet so many of these dreamers. So that God could shake that message into me.
  • God is the provider and, more importantly, the definer of success.  I am only responsible for obeying the call: not defining or achieving success or failure.  This has completely changed perspective so many different times (especially on this day where I’m announcing one of the scariest things I’ve ever done.  Active Marketing on more fronts than just this giveaway series.)
  • Having a community of dreamers who believe in you and the desire God has placed in you is worth more than anything else on your dream journey. 

Yesterday a small group of the God-Sized Dream Team led by Christine, launched a God-Sized Dreams website.  This THE place for you to enter into the community you’ll need to be supported in your dreams.  So if you feel that old familiar fear welling up in you, preach the gospel to your self with me “I’m only in charge of obedience: God defines and provides success….I’m only in charge of obedience: God defines and provides success….I’m only in charge of obedience: God defines and provides success….I’m only in charge of obedience: God defines and provides success….”

Take a deep breath and click over to the God-Sized Dreams site and dream with me.