Looking at our Husbands with “Jesus Eyes” {Construction School for Wives}

Construction School Button It’s Wednesday here at Quiet Graces and that means today is the day where wives are digging in to the dirt in our own marriage and, with God’s grace, growing it better wives. Today Sarah is writing about the power of looking at our husbands with “Jesus Eyes”. Read on to see what she means.


My brain was racked for what to write about in my post today (which is almost a week late, might I add). However, once I chilled out and simply thought about what the Lord was teaching me lately, a little light bulb went off.

How often do we as wives and our spouses mess up? Daily.

Are we supposed to have our goal be the strive to perfection? No. That’s not the point of the gospel.



Our goal should be to gaze uninterruptedly and adoringly at our beautiful and loving Savior. When that is done, don’t things go smoother in your marriage? Keep in mind by smooth I don’t mean without life’s challenges, temptations, victories and perseverance. I just mean it’s easier for us, as wives, to look at our husband’s with (what I call) our “Jesus eyes” on.

I’ll be very honest. It’s extremely easy for me to take off my “Jesus eyes” and look at Lee in the wrong light. When I do that, I often look at him critically. Is that fair? Does Jesus look at us critically? No, He doesn’t. He looks at us adoringly because of what He did at the cross. We are now the resemblance of His Son and that is beautiful.
Kind of humbling, right? Yes. It’s humbling to me to the point of my tired eyes watering and hanging my head in repentance for my short comings.
How as wives can we keep our gaze on Jesus and our “Jesus eyes” on our husbands?
  • You bring Jesus your sin. You come to him angry, bitter, broken-hearted or just down right crummy feeling (whatever your emoticon is for the day).
  • Rest in His presence. Yup, He knows your heart. He knows it at it’s worst and He knows it at its best. He desires to be with you. So, you go to Him. You heal. You read His words. You recover and you go back out into your day with your Wife and Mommy cape flying. There will be a smile on your face knowing that you’ve just been engulfed in the presence of the Lord and He didn’t tear you down once. He built you up and reminded you of whose you are and who you are.
That’s how, we as wives, keep growing by the grace of God with faith.