The Gift (Part 1): What Mama Did

I’m about to launch something that is super exciting to me here at Quiet Graces Photography.  It involves giving, which is my primary love language. So over the next 4 days, sit tight with me and share a few stories about gifts and the love that gives them.

First up for me, a story about why I love gifts so much, inspired by Lisa Jo’s Five Minute Friday Prompt and my very own mom.


We didn’t have much at the beginning.  But we never lacked.  Mum worked late hours while we ate Hamburger Helper in the evening with Grandma.  But Mom always brought us little trinkets from the gift shop she managed.  Little things that said a simple “I love you,” to two little girls with big dreams.

Mum gifted us toys, and clothing, and handmade dresses.  When my parents couldn’t afford gifts for us at Christmas, she gifted us with the humility of putting our names on Angel Tree lists so that we would still have gifts.  She may or may not have worn the same jeans for all 10 years that I can remember while she loved and gifted us what she saw fit.

When we were older and finances had leveled, Mum let us pick our own angel tree names. She freely helped any of our friends who were going through hard times.  She gifted us concerts and sleep overs and laughter.

In college, Mum gifted me a gas credit card so I could spend my summer earned money on things that I needed and not worry about paying for gas. And bags and bags of quarters so that I could wash my laundry and share with others.

The gifts weren’t what mattered, in fact most of them I can’t even remember, but I do know each gift was wrapped in her love.